11 Shockers From Stranger Things 2

11 Shockers From Stranger Things 2

See what I did there?

Like millions of others, I have been waiting for season 2 of Stranger Things to come out since I finished binge-watching it a year ago. So of course when it finally premiered on Netflix last week, I jumped at the first chance I got in my free time to start. Listed below are some of the most shocking, best, and cutest parts of season 2:

SPOILER ALERT BELOW (I won't give away anything about the main plot, though, so don't worry)

1. I still love Hopper.

At the end of season 1, I didn't know I could love this character even more, but it happened. While everyone thought Eleven was gone for good, Detective Jim Hopper was keeping her safe the whole time. He treats her like the daughter he lost; teaches her new words, feeds her, and sets boundaries for her. It's just so cute!

2. Joyce got a boyfriend?!

We all hated her ex-husband Lonnie from the start, so it's nice to see Ms. Byers with a new love interest. However, this new beau, Bob, just doesn't seem right for the family; he's just too normal and honestly a little boring. And let's be real, I ship Joyce and Hopper so much, so Bob is really just delaying this. Not to worry though, (SPOILER) Bob dies at the hands (paws?) of "demidogs" from the upside down. Sorry.

3. Go Nancy!

While drunk at a Halloween party, Nancy tells Steve that she doesn't love him. Now I don't know about you, but Steve really redeemed himself in my eyes by the end of season 1, so I didn't know how to feel when this happened. But then Jonathan took her home and I got over that confusion real quick. I hope the two of them can figure their sh*t out in season 3 (if Charlie Heaton can even make it back into the U.S. for filming)

4. We all need a friend like Mike.

Mike is always always always there for his friends when they need him most. When Will was having those "now memories" and thought he was going crazy, Mike sympathized and told him they'd go crazy together. If that doesn't remind you of any of your friendships, you need to find new friends.

5. Who are Max and Billy?

Why are they in Hawkins? The two of them only brought negative vibes to town and I'm not down for it. And okay, maybe she's cute with Lucas but was this really a necessary addition to the cast? The answer is no. Their appearance just adds so much confusion, which the series definitely does not need more of.

6. Eleven meets her mom!

We learn the tragic history of their separation along with Eleven herself, whose real name is actually Jane! Her mother, Terry, however, is in horrible condition when Eleven eventually finds her, due to the electric shock "therapy" the scientists gave her when she tried to retrieve her daughter from their lab.

7. What the heck Dustin?

Dustin kept some creepy animal from the upside down as a pet when his friends specifically told him not to. Friends don't lie, Dusty! So it was no shocker when that little creature grew into a full-blown "demidog" and ate his mother's cat. As a cat lover, I did not appreciate this behavior from Dustin, no matter how much everyone loves him.

8. 008?!

Eleven isn't the only one with powers! When looking through her mother's files, she found a girl she recognized. This girl was labeled number 8 and can make people see whatever she wants them to. This power ended up helping Connie, which we find out is her real name, and her gang get revenge one those who harmed her. Pretty cool, but definitely not Eleven's scene. I hope though, that she makes a reappearance in season 3.

9. What is going on?!

The science-fiction plot of the season is so mind-blowing and fascinating but there's no way I'm going to be able to explain that here. So go watch it yourself, you won't be disappointed.

10. Justice for Barb!

Barbara and her family finally get some justice, even if what came out wasn't the truth. However, she is not alive, which some predictions for season 2 entailed. They had a funeral and everything. But at least there is peace for her parents.

11. How could there possibly be a third season?!

Just like at the end of season 1, I am so curious about what the writers of the show could possibly create! The ending seemed so perfect and happy. These guys are too creative though, I'm sure I'll be just as shocked and impressed by season 3 as I was this season.

Cover Image Credit: Netflix

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