It's the time of year where students begin to countdown the days until they don't have to sit in a classroom anymore and focus on the future outside of College.

Well... not all of us. Some of us are still Juniors, Sophomores, and even Freshman. Some of us have to take another semester of courses. Some of our programs last longer than four years. Some of us aren't graduating next semester.

So, Seniors, as we all watch you guys pack up your things, decorate you graduation caps, and say your goodbyes, all of us other students will be getting ready for another semester in a few months to do it all over again.

We're jealous of you all. But we are also grateful we aren't you. There are so many different thoughts and emotions going through our heads. Here's just a few of the thoughts we may be thinking:

1. Jealous because you get to never take an exam again, while we most likely will be taking at least 20 within the next semester.

All-nighters and cram sessions before exams, and praying you don't fail. Won't you all miss that?

2. At least you all get something to look forward to at the end of the semester.

We have to start worrying about our next year's schedule already!

3. You get to decorate your caps, while we get to decorate our planners.

You'll be putting glitter all over your graduation cap while I'll be filling my planner with assignments and tears.

4. You get to say goodbye to all the assignments and responsibilities we all dread every day.

Wake up. Class. Eat. Class. Homework. Study. Sleep. Repeat. At least you'll have a real life now with real adult things to do.

Wait, you're not a student anymore after graduation. You're going to be an adult, working an adult job, having adult responsibilities, and doing adult things.

Why am I jealous of you?! Let's continue this list; things you should be jealous of as you graduate.

5. Students have the freedom to do whatever they want 24/7.

No responsibilities besides the ones that we make for ourselves.

6. We have so many perks as a student; sports, events, and food.

Awh, now you Grads will have to pay to get into football games...

7. We can say we are students, you have to say you're alumni.

*shivers* Even that name sounds old.

8. College nights and weekends. You'll miss those, won't you?

Got to love getting ready with your best friends and going to a party on a Friday night. Oh wait, that's just a memory for you now, isn't it?

9. I mean, the food is a given. You have to cook 24/7 now.

No more grabbing the dining hall or Honeygrow quick before class or an event. You have to actually go get food at the store, cook it, then clean up after yourself. Yikes.

10. You most likely won't be living with all of your best friends.

No more being able to just walk down the hall to your best friends room or next door to see your roomie. You have adult responsibilities now.

11. Worst of all, you'll miss everything about being a student.

No adult responsibilities, or real-world problems. No worry besides your exam the next day or when you're going to get coffee next. You may not see it now, but you'll miss the little things eventually.

Yeah, being able to graduate so soon is great. But I can promise you that you'll miss being a student.

I know eventually I will absolutely be in your shoes, rejoicing the day I walk across that stage, but until then, I'm going to bask in the glory of being a student.

Graduation may be great, but being a student right now is way better.