I Was Always The Girl Who Would 'NEVER Join A Sorority,' Until I Did

I was always the girl who said I'd never join a sorority. Yet, here I am. After a friend I had met my freshman year encouraged me to try out her sorority, I decided to give it a chance.

Every reason I ever had to not join one, turned out to be wrong.

1. There’s more then just social sororities 

I joined Omega Phi Alpha, a service sorority. The majority of our requirements are related to volunteering.

2. Not all of them are too expensive

As someone with no money, I thought a sorority was way out of my financial capabilities. But in reality a lot of sororities don't actually cost that much and some offer fee waivers.

3. It pushes me outside of my comfort zone

Being in a sorority forces me to push myself to go out and socialize. Instead of just hanging around my apartment watching Netflix.

4. An opportunity to create life long friends

Of course joining a sorority isn't the only opportunity to meet new people but it is an option. These girls are all passionate about giving back to the community as much as me.

5. My Big and entire sorority family

Having someone to look up to and a whole group of women to offer me a support system is amazing.

6. I’m not paying for friends, I’m paying for experiences

The fee is for all the trips and events we get to attend.

7. The movies aren’t always right

At least in my experience the movies aren't exactly what being in a sorority is about. So don't let those depictions scare you away.

8. Looks good on a resume

Being in a sorority is actually really good on a resume. It shows commitment and can improve numerous life skills.

9. Having a group that has my back

Having people to turn to in times of need is something everyone could use.

10. Always keeps me busy

I never don't have something to do. Between the requirements of being in the sorority and classes.

11. Creates a lifetime of friendships and opportunities

This experience will continue throughout my entire life.

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