As much as I would love to watch a show while finishing a book report, it just can't happen.

Multitasking is hard, even a pro has to admit they've had a few slip ups. Whether it's due tomorrow or next week, it`s best to keep the paper and new series you started last night separate from each other. No matter how good you think you are, no one is immune to a distraction here and there.

1. You think it is a good idea to split screen

Five minutes of focus here and five there can really add up after a while.

2. You spend too much time trying to pick a show

Do I watch a short show, a six season forty minute episode show, or a short film? Maybe I`ll have time for all three?

3. The show and information you`re trying to put in your paper start to mix together

When it was actually Kate who was showing you around in the documentary and not Kirsten so you have to go through the last sections you wrote and change the names.

4. You spend more time trying to shift your focus back and forth than you do writing

Two minutes here, two there, and slowly slipping into...

5. You forget about the homework part on accident

You catch yourself slacking, slipping into a trance as you watch the latest season of your favorite show.

6. You forget about the homework part on purpose

You know you're asking for trouble now, removing your hands from the pencil/keyboard and watching the screen flicker as Sam and Dean look for a way to defeat the next demon.

7. You get hungry

Snacks to help you avoid what you need to do? Sounds like a plan.

8. You get thirsty

Need some water to go along with your sandwich?

9. You need a bathroom break

Time to go do your duties and splash some water on your face so you don't fall asleep.

10. You finally say screw it and put the homework away for later

Give up the little drive you had to do anything productive and watch three episodes straight.

11. You later scold yourself for having to do the rest of your homework at 2 am

Give yourself a talk about keeping your priorities straight and avoid admitting your mother was right about the difficulties of multitasking and need to stay focused.

Now these aren't the only factors that will get you into trouble, but it's a start (and enough to get you to avoid it). Remember to listen to your gut, because usually it isn't the one telling you to take a three hour study break before finishing the essay due tomorrow.