11 Reactions Only People With Anxiety Will Understand

First of all, anxiety is real. Unless you have anxiety or are close to someone with anxiety you don’t really understand how or why their reactions are the way they are. I have a biological anxiety disorder, so I don’t know what it’s like not to have anxiety. Imagine doing something that makes you moderately anxious, taking a final exam that will make or break your grade. That level of anxiety is my normal starting point. Being constantly anxious is something I will always have to deal with, and I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I have some, um, memorable and funny reactions.

So to answer everyone's question, no one doesn't just stop being anxious.

1. “Find a partner in the class to work with.”

2. “Dude chill”

3. “You call the doctor, you’re an adult now.”

4. *Loud sound*

5. “We Should Talk.”

6. “Relax, be patient.”

7. “Stop overthinking everything.”

8. *Has to speak in front of a classroom.

9. "Time for group presentations"

10. “So what are your plans for when you graduate?”

11. "Just stop being anxious"

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