Whether you’re spacing out in class, staring out the window at work, or waiting in the mile-long line for Recess, there’s an abundance of questions and situations that could race through your mind. You could psycho-analyze your meeting with your professor about that test you slept through, or weigh the pros and cons of your dinner options, (Chick-Fil-A vs. Jimmy Johns).

Personally, when my computer dies and I find myself wishing my charger could plug itself in, I’ve found myself asking questions that have no real answer. Questions that make my friends laugh or cringe, and keep me up at night. And here they are…

1. Will there ever be anything better than Command Strips? And if so, how do I become an early investor?

2. Everyone gets so hyped up looking back at Freshman Fifteen pictures, why has no one coined the term Senior Sixteen? Because I can assure you, she’s going to be a real b*tch.

3. Will there ever be someone rich and smart enough to become the real-life Santa Claus? Perhaps in the year 3000? He would probably need to be very skilled in IT and animal training, but I’m not not down.

4. Where can I find a playlist of all the bomb songs that were in old TV shows and movies; my prime example being Chip Skylark’s My Shiny Teeth and Me?

5. Is Amanda Bynes okay? What’s the most recent update on that?

6. If I’ve seen Shutter Island more times than I can count on one hand, why is it that I feel like I’m watching a movie in a foreign language every time I try to watch it again and understand it? Leonardo DiCaprio, please send help.

7. Will I be alive when cars fly or is that just an unrealistic occurrence we all need to stop looking forward to? And if it is at all possible, my follow-up question is – will we have to redo all of our roads and highways, or will the same rules apply?

8. Why do people get so pissed about pineapple being on pizza when it’s black olives that are the real issue?

9. Seriously, help me understand why am I still team Ronnie and Sammi after all these years?

10. If I were on a reality TV show, would the producers like me and rig it so that I win (if winning is the option of the game) or would they brand me the villain right off the bat like Corinne?

11. Does the creator of Snapchat know how much he changed the game? I don’t even use my Messages app anymore, I will literally Snap text you instead. When and how will Snapchat’s peak end?

Alright, now that my brain feels overworked and discombobulated, I’ll save the rest of my hard-hitting questions for my roommate at 2:00 a.m. Hit me up if you have any answers!