11 Questions We Still Ask Our Moms At 20

11 Questions We Still Ask Our Moms At 20

We want to be an independent adult, but who are we kidding, we need our mom.

We want to be an independent adult, but who are we kidding, we need our mom. Here are a few questions we still ask our moms when we're 20 years old.

1. What's my Social Security Number?

I really should know the answer to this, but I can just never remember and mom is only a phone call away!

2. Can I wash my lights & darks together?

Regardless of the fact I've been washing my laundry for at least 5 years now, I will never perfect my laundry. Leave it to our moms to tell us time and again what can and can't be washed together.

3. How long do I cook chicken?

My mom always cooks dinner at home and I swear no matter how many times she tells me how long to cook chicken, it never tastes as good as hers.

4. What should I take for my cold?

It's not easy to take care of yourself when you have a cold. My mom was always there to brings me soup and medicine and all I had to worry about was watching TV. Now I have to fend for myself.

5. Can you help me make my doctors appointment?

As bad as it sounds, our moms are like our personal secretary. She knows all the doctors to call and she has all the numbers.

6. How long does it take the oven to preheat?

The number of times I've asked my mom this question is just flat out embarrassing. And to make it worse, I just expect my mom knows what I'm making and what temperature I'm heating it to.

7. My car broke down, what do I do?

I admit I'm not a true adult. I need her help on what to do when I need my oil changed, need to put air in my tire, need to change my tire or run out of gas.

8. How do I address a letter?

Yes, I have been addressing letters since the 2nd grade, but sometimes I need a little reminder of what goes where and which side to put the stamp on.

9. How do I make the smoke alarm stop beeping?

Hands down the most annoying noise in the world, but my mom knows how to make it stop!

10. Does this sound okay?

Whether its a text to a new date or an email to your coworker or professor, our moms always know what to say.

11. Whatcha doing?

Ok so this isn't really advice, but I am guilty of always asking my mom what she's doing. Just because she's far away doesn't mean I don't wanna know what she's doing at all times!

Cover Image Credit: Alex Wilkins

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A Letter To MY Future Daughter

It is my goal that one day my daughter will feel as safe and happy as me because of a mother's great care.

To My Future Daughter,

The world is a scary place, but never let it get the best of you. As you grow older, never let go of the thought when you were small that the world is a beautiful place. Although some days are ugly and may seem unfair, you will always find the light into a better day.

When it comes to schoolwork, you are going to fail plenty of tests and you are going to ace plenty of tests. Either way, your grades do not define you, but I encourage you to work hard as there is no better feeling than succeeding and knowing a lot about something. Additionally, you will consistently hear that you should do what you love and there is nothing more true than that.

Sometimes you begin chasing what you think you might love and then you realize that it just was not meant to be, and that is OK. Not everyone can be a doctor, artist, accountant or whatever it might be. You might not know what it is you are meant to do in that moment, but I guarantee that you will find it.

When you do get there, the happiness will never escape.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, remember that your body is your temple (sure, you can laugh at that statement). Treat it with respect and love yourself unconditionally. Not every day will you look in the mirror and love what you see, but I can guarantee you it is just a bad day. If you do find your love fading, though, never be scared to seek help. When you allow for unhealthy things to bottle up, you will break down. Keep your head held high and remember that you are beautiful and there is nothing more amazing than realizing there is only one of you and you are awesome.

When it comes to your parents, you will hate them and you will love them and the cycle will always turn. At the end of the day, remember that your parents will continuously love you through all of your decisions and only want the best for you. As I go through my own life and watch my friends and myself go through a good time or a difficult time, I reach out to my own mother always. There is no one’s opinion that I value more than my own mother's. She is wise and has gone through it all … never be afraid to reach out and ask for help or tell her about your day.

One day you will be in college and wish you could see her everyday just like before.

When it comes to boys, be yourself and understand that heartache is one of the biggest challenges that you will overcome. It might not be overnight, but you will get there and the successful feeling that comes with it is unbelievable. Remind yourself also that your prince charming will not be the first boy to cross your path … as you grow older, your interests change and be open to taking time for yourself and friends to figure out who you are.

Oh, and NEVER let a boy get in between you and your friends.

As someone who is young and still has a long life ahead of me, it is my hope that in the far, far future when I am ready to begin a family that my children grow up happy and safe as my mother has always made me feel.

Cover Image Credit: Kirsten Ocwieja

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How Living With A Narcissist Changed My Relationship With Others

Happiness is completely temporary in the world of the narcissist

Throughout my childhood, I lived under the same roof of a narcissist. A soul-sucking person that reels you in just to push you back down. It never fully affected me until I saw the effects on my mother and I’ve learned to keep my guard up ever since then.

It was never apparent to me that this person’s actions had full effect on me as a child. I witnessed a person who created an allusion that their lack of empathy towards others was because of their past experiences in life. In reality, they lacked any emotional or physical support for others in general.

Happiness is completely temporary in the world of the narcissist. And as I grew older, I noticed that the feelings of happiness were very short-lived and fragile whenever they were around. But my life was never full of gloom, I enjoyed a lot of my childhood. But going home to know that the world around me was delicate, was very unsettling.

Even though I was young, I could still see past the lies and the fake, charismatic actions of this person. Their actions were solely so they could benefit from it and I saw how it affected others around me.

Today, I have learned the warning signs of when a narcissistic person comes into your life. These people acquaint themselves with excuses, lies and being self-absorbed. Their life revolves around materialistic items, the assumption that everyone approves of them and that they are never wrong. It took me years as a young child to see how this affected my mother and the rest of my family. The narcissist would try to praise you and raise you up, right before they would demean and snub you.

So looking back at my past, I understand why I had lost trust in others and kept my guard up. I began to believe that it was common for people to praise then humiliate and to love, then cheat. It has been a slow process, but I am learning to see the warnings signs. I hope you pay attention to them too.

Cover Image Credit: unsplash

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