11 Positive Facts About Millennials

11 Positive Facts About Millennials

When it comes to stereotyping and disapproval, millennials can't seem to catch a break. Here are 11 positive facts to add some optimism to the mix.

Elizabeth Hahn

I get tired of the constant bashing of my generation. Sure, we have problems, but are we really that much worse than previous generations? I'm not here to bash older generations, nor am I here to disprove myths. I'll leave that to other posts. Right now, though, I'm just here to add some flowers to the mudslinging. Here are some cool, positive facts about millennials:

1. Millennials are the most racially, ethnically diverse generation yet.

Source: Pew Research Center

2. 35% of millennials have started their own side business to generate more income.

Source: Edelman Digital

3. In a 2010 survey, millennials reported that their top three priorities were "being a good parent," "having a successful marriage," and "helping others in need."

Source: Pew Research Center

4. Millennials were more optimistic about the future of the nation than previous generations in a 2014 survey.

49% reported being optimistic about America's future, compared to 42% from Generation X and 44% of Baby Boomers. Source: Pew Research Center

5. 33% of millennials ages 26-33 have at least a college degree, a higher percent than any previous generation.

Source: Pew Research Center

6. Millennials are more likely to have stayed with their current employer for 3-6 years, compared to Generation X at the same age.

Source: Whitehouse.gov

7. Millennial women are making up an increasing percentage of the workforce, and earning more than women of previous generations, partly due to their high rates of earning college degrees (now higher than men).

Source: Whitehouse.gov

8. 63% of millennials want their employer to donate to social or ethical causes that they value, compared to 50% of older generations.

Source: Brookings.edu

9. 81% of millennials have donated money, objects, or volunteer time to causes they care about.

Source: Danschawbel.com

10. 74% of non-millennials agree that millennials bring valuable new skills to the workplace, including technological skills.

Source: Forbes

11. By 2020, one in three adults will be millennials.

Get ready. Source: Brookings.edu

If you're a millennial, I hope you're excited to be part of this emerging, dynamic group of people. Here's to our future!

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