11 Must-Have Accessories to Pair with your College Dress
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11 Must-Have Accessories to Pair with your College Dress

A plain white t-shirt inside a strappy dress is a chic and classic look.

11 Must-Have Accessories to Pair with your College Dress


A plain white t-shirt inside a strappy dress is a chic and classic look. This 90s trend is making a comeback in a big way. Traditionally a t-shirt was worn under a slip dress but now it's been seen under all kinds of strappy dresses. It adds an interesting element to your dress and as a bonus, it helps you cover up your arms if that's an area you are insecure about. So, for all you girls who stay away from strappy dresses because of your arms, a plain white t-shirt will help you flaunt all your spaghetti strap dresses. It also acts as a lifesaver for the days you just don't have the patience to deal with a strapless bra. Layering your dress with a t-shirt solves all your undergarment problems as you can wear your everyday bra with it.

A pretty floral kimono is the way to go if you want to jazz up your brunch look. Whether it's a day out on the beach or as an outfit for graduation party guest, Kimono looks pretty. Layering a kimono on a simple single-color dress will never go wrong. Kimonos come in in a variety of prints and colors and are extremely fun to play around with. Make sure the colors of your dress and kimono complement each other. If your dress is simple, opt for a printed kimono and if it's a printed dress a solid color kimono works best. As a plus point if you're uncomfortable with the length of your dress putting on a kimono will give you that extra bit of coverage.

Flannel shirt
Looking for a way to dress down your dress? Make it appropriate for a more casual setting? Flannel is the way to go. A flannel and a dress is the perfect combination for the days when you want to look cute but remain cozy. You can either wear it over your dress or tie it around your waist for an effortless look. Tying a flannel around your waist will instantly make your outfit look 10 times more put together giving people the illusion that you spent time putting together an outfit when in reality it took you ten seconds to knot your flannel around your waist.

Shoes are the most versatile accessory. Your dress can transition from a day look to a night look just with a change of shoes. Open-toe sandals or sneakers are appropriate if it's a daytime setting or a casual event, but if you have to quickly go from a workday to a night out and you don't have time to change your outfit, just change into a pair of heels and instantly you will be ready for a night out on the town. Shoes can also help make a dress more casual. If you have a slightly more formal dress pair it with sneakers to make it more appropriate for a casual day.

The perfect accompaniment to your dress is a black sling bag. A black sling bag is versatile enough to go with almost all your dresses. Finding the perfect sling is every girl's life mission. It should be big enough to fit all your necessities but not too big that it gives you a shoulder ache from carrying around. A medium black sling is a perfect accompaniment for all your dresses.

6)Toeless pantyhose
If you are concerned about the length of your dress, pantyhose is the solution. It gives you the coverage you need without spoiling the look of your dress. Pantyhose can be a lifesaver but it comes with its fair share of problems. A lot of people stay away from pantyhose because of its constricting nature and the way it bunches up at the toes. Your feet also become unbreathable. But thanks to the invention of toeless pantyhose these are no longer a problem. That's why you should choose a pantyhose which is toeless. Toeless pantyhose is just like regular pantyhose except the toe area is open so you can wriggle your toes all you want!

Denim Jacket
A Demin jacket is a perfect addition to your dress, you can use it as a layer on those not too Chilly days. It's the perfect layering option for the days when it's not too cold but you still need a little protection from the blowing winds. You can make a statement by adding pins to your denim jacket, this will make your entire outfit more fun and trendier. A denim jacket is definitely a closet must-have as it is such a versatile item.

Graphic Tee
Want to take an everyday look and elevate into a fun trendy outfit? Pair your regular graphic tee with a dress. This is such a simple look to execute and it will definitely turn heads. The way to ensure that you pull off this look is to make sure you wear your tee properly. Wear the tee over the dress and tie a knot in the front at the smallest part of your waist. Roll up the sleeves a little and you are good to go!

Rushing for a meeting or an interview and don't know what to wear or do you have a big presentation in college for which you want to look professional but also stylish? Pair a simple A-line dress with a blazer for the perfect professional and sophisticated look. You can pair your dress with a simple black blazer or if you are going for something a bit more fun you can even wear a colorful blazer.

Tired of wearing the same dress over and over again? Change up the look of the dress by wearing a skirt over your dress. With a bodycon dress opt for a flowy skirt. With an A-Line dress both, a tight skirt and a flowy skirt will work. Instantly, you will have a new look and it won't even cause a dent in your wallet!

is your cupboard full of dresses you don't wear because they are shapeless? The solution to this problem is actually quite simple. All you need is a belt. Using a belt to accentuate your waist can take you from looking frumpy to looking fab. Fasten the belt at the smallest part of your waist to add dimension to your figure and you will never have to worry about looking shapeless in a lose a fitted dress.

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