In my previous article, I talked about how finals week ruined my Christmas spirit. While yes, it definitely has, there are a couple of things that made the horrible week a bit bearable for me. Sometimes it would be big things that are noticeable for others, while other times it would just be small things. In this article, I will be talking about the small things because if I am being real here, with a week like finals week with all of the stress building up any small thing could make or break it for me. So here are the 11 little things that made it.

1. Knowing soon that I'm going to be done with that one class I hated

See you, educational psychology. I know you were a required class for my major, but see you never!

2. Short lines at Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks

The need for coffee is urgent, and short lines for these major shops make for a quick grab and go.

3. This smiley face on my iced coffee

Madeline Dziak

It's a smiley face!

4. Seeing my school email and having no unread emails

Madeline Dziak

That feeling when nothing has to be read.

5. Same goes for my personal email

Madeline Dziak

Yes, that changes quickly. But to see it with no unread emails here is a blessing.

6. Getting a package I thought was going to arrive late

I didn't get any notification of it's arrival, and I feared it would arrive when I'm not in town but it arrived on time!

7. Mac and cheese pizza

Madeline Dziak

Seeing two amazing foods in one being served in the dining hall. Yes, please!

8. Knowing that my hard work for one of my major projects paid off

I'm talking about my picture book project for my children's literature class.

9. Hearing a favorite song from years ago that I haven't heard in years

Is that Vanilla Twilight by Owl City? I used to love that song!

10. Or hearing that one song that always reminds me of my mom


11. Knowing that I survived the semester even with everything that happened

I did it. I did that.

So with finals week now over, it is time to celebrate! With sleep.