11 Things You Know All Too Well If You Played Co-ed Soccer

11 Things You Know All Too Well If You Played Co-ed Soccer

"Way to play like a boy out there" is easily the worst compliment to get coming off the field.

I'd like to say that I was one of the few lucky ones who got to play co-ed. Co-ed soccer was amazing, and I loved every minute of it. I'd give anything to go back out on that field again, just one more time. I learned a lot during my time, and some things were good and others were not. Win or lose, my experience was one-in-a-million and easily my favorite high school sport.

1. Playing an all boys teams is the most fun.

Those guys just assume they can run you over, but boy did they have something coming for them. I may only be 5 feet 6 inches, but don't think you intimidate me, boys. Half the time I was bigger than the majority of the guys on the field or the ones I had to guard. It never scared me. Bigger girls in basketball have knocked me to the ground. Just because you don't have a b*tch braid and boobs doesn't make you're any more scary to me.

2. When you run over one of the guys and take the ball away.

It definitely deflates the ego a little when you show them that you can play at the same level as they play.

3. That one guy on the opposite team that wants to prove he’s a douche and a woman hater.

We get it, you’re the starting forward. Sorry that our defense isn’t afraid of you. Your flow isn't impressive, and you've missed more shots than you've taken tonight.

4. The boys on your team know not to underestimate all the girls on your team.

Thanks for all your support, boys. We had a team of basically half boys, half girls. In due time, the boys knew that girls were better in some places on the field. In other places, a guy fit the position better. Regardless of gender, we were all teammates.

5. Going back to all girls sports is really weird because you don’t know how to function without your guy friends.

Where’d they go? Why are there no boys on the field? Why do girls always have to have long nails and even longer hair?

6. The determination.

If playing sports wasn’t enough of a motivation, showing your sexist coach that you can “hang with the boys” is more than enough satisfaction. Don't try and knock us down. "Wow, way to play like a boy out there!" was not the compliment I was looking for as I came off the field playing the entire half. There were so many other ways you could've worded that, sir.

7. Getting hurt and walking it off.

Oh, how you wish you could just rage, but no. Keep it together, girl. Walk it off, and toughen up, just like any practical girl would do.

8. The gross guys that try to flirt with you while playing the game.

What?!? Yes, this happens. Yes, it is not cool. I am dripping sweat with my headband half off my head, stop trying to make a move you sleaze. Uncomfortable would be the nice way to put it.

9. People questioning why you, a girl, have soccer in the fall.

Because I’m a badass, that’s why. Well, really, it is due to my school's small size and inability to field an entire soccer team for both genders, so we merge. I was never a fan of volleyball season anyway.

10. The guy that somehow always “accidentally” pushes off your boobs/ass.

If a red card wasn’t on the line you would be so done for, bud. LIKE DUDE, NO.

11. Loving every single minute of being a part of an amazing team.

Not many people get the chance to play co-ed, but it is a great opportunity! I can't imagine playing soccer without playing against/with guys. It was an amazing time, something I will always remember, even if we weren't the greatest team in the league.

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7 Things That Annoy Volleyball Players More Than Anything

How to get under a volleyball player's skin in two seconds.

I'm not sure why but volleyball players are a very particular group of people — we like what we like and we HATE what we don't, especially when it is volleyball-related. If you're a volleyball player, I'm sure you can relate to this list and if you're not a volleyball player, now you know exactly how you will be able to get under our skin.

1. Girls who wear spandex in public

Don’t get me wrong, we wear spandex for a living. We understand WHY people wear them to workout. But wearing them to the dining hall, class or anywhere that isn’t the gym… please don’t. Put on some shorts or leggings — PLEASE.

2. The “I’ll beat you in volleyball” line

For some odd reason when someone who likes you finds out that you play volleyball, they say this. I’m not sure why, but its really annoying that people think they’re better than you (a collegiate athlete) at the sport you’ve been playing your whole life.

3. When guys mention that they only come to your games because you wear spandex

You’re right, why would any appreciate our athletic ability when you can simply appreciate our butts.

4. Freshman who don’t think they have to do their Freshman duties

PSA: Every single school has freshman duties; YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FRESHMAN WHO HAVE TO DO THEM. Everyone has done them when they were a freshman. Stop complaining, do your duties, and play volleyball because after your freshman season you’ll never have to do it again.

5. When people try to tell you that volleyball isn’t hard

Why don’t you jump for three hours straight and throw your body on the ground hundreds of times and tell me how easy it is.

6. The word "spike"

I honestly feel bad about hating this so much but nothing nothing NOTHING annoys us more than when someone uses the work "spike". For some reason this word went out of style a longgggg time ago and nobody got the memo except the people in the volleyball world. Instead of telling your friend that they had a good spike, tell them that they had a great "hit." HIT = SPIKE.

7. Balls that aren't perfectly blown up

Volleyball players are hands down the most high maintenance group of people when it comes to our sport. I will go through an entire ball cart to find the best ball possible... if the ball is flat, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad. If the ball is too hard, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad.

Cover Image Credit: Sam

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World Cup 2018–The Semifinals are upon us

If you haven't started watching yet, you need to start now.


As the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup comes to a close, things are just as exciting as we'd all hoped they'd be. None of the teams that are favorites to win the tournament have looked very convincing, and many of the smaller teams that nobody expected to accomplish anything have made life very difficult for the bigger teams.

At the beginning of the tournament, most teams that were expected to make it out of the group stage had done so, but not a single one had gotten through without doubts as to whether they would do so. Argentina, for example, a team that is rich in talented players and a country that has soccer deep in its blood, has struggled so much that up until 10 minutes remained in the final game they were destined to make a very early World Cup exit. Out of context, the scenes from after their win could have been mistaken for them winning the whole tournament.

Of course, Argentina isn't the only ones who have struggled, and they certainly aren't the only ones who have celebrated a victory in the group stages so much. Brazil's second match ended with a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica, a team that is widely regarded to be strong, but no match for Brazil. After the final whistle in a tense match, Brazil's headlining talent, Neymar was seen in tears from the relief of the victory. With their comfortable victory over Serbia, Brazil would have been many viewers' favorite to win it all if it wasn't for their loss in the quarterfinals to the up and coming, exciting Belgian national team.

Perhaps the most shocking outcome of the group stages is Germany's early exit. With just a single win out of the three games, a hapless German squad lost to the Korean Republic 2-0 as they find themselves booking an early flight home to try to work out what went so wrong in their approach to the tournament. Germany is a team that is known for its grit and consistent dominance on the international stage. An exit like this is sure to raise questions about the team's management personnel.

At the time of writing, just three matches remain in the World Cup. The young and exciting England team will play in their first semifinal in 28 years against Croatia who will be playing in their second ever semifinal since becoming an independent nation. The second semifinal will feature Belgium playing the powerhouse French national team. The overall favorite to win at the moment is the winner of the France Belgium matchup, but with the way this tournament has gone, I wouldn't count anyone out.

For those of you who haven't started watching yet and fear that it is too late to start, I'm here to alleviate those fears. Even if you don't know anything about soccer, make your way to a sports bar or a soccer-fanatic friend's house to watch rest of the games in the tournament because, given all of the drama that has already occurred, this World Cup is shaping up to be one of the best. For the biggest sporting event in the world, it would be a shame if you missed out on that.

Cover Image Credit:


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