03 January 2018 // At Tuscaloosa, AL

11 Guilty Pleasures All College Girls Are 110% Guilty Of

Because everyone loves to watch Netflix all day.

Marlye Jerva

When you're in college, it's hard to always remember to eat healthy, exercise, or get enough sleep. Sometimes, or more like all the time, it feels like your life is consumed with studying and partying. Probably more partying, at least in most cases.

1. Binge-watching Netflix shows

I had to start with the most obvious because this is something that everyone does whether you're a book nerd or nightlife extraordinaire. I know that I could spend a whole day in my bed and probably almost finish an entire season of a show because I actually have.

2. Eating a whole pizza and then an entire carton of ice cream

This might not be the healthiest option, but it is definitely the best.

3. Trying the stupid bed exercises you found on the internet so you can watch Netflix and work out

Just a heads up, they don't actually work.

4. Wearing a baseball hat because you're too lazy to wash your hair

All girls know that if you're wearing a baseball hat odds are its too cover up your greasy hair. So boy, do not try to be funny and take them off because first, hat hair, and second, just no.

5. Online shopping

It is a serious addiction, especially when you need to try and drown out your boring professor.

6. Wearing only leggings and sweatpants

If I never have to put on jeans again, my life would be complete.

7. Making wine Wednesday an everyday thing

8. Dancing alone in your room

When you're stressed out it's always the best cure.

9. Taking candid pictures with your girls

The truth is they are never really turn out as cute as you expected.

10. Buying new school supplies to study but really just procrastinate

Alright, this is the worst form of procrastination and I know that I'm extremely guilty of this one.

11. Going out even when you know you should study

Sorry, but did you go to college to miss all the date parties and T-shirt Tuesdays? I think not.