11 Essential Horse Wear Products
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11 Essential Horse Wear Products


11 Essential Horse Wear Products

Owning a horse is a huge commitment due to the animal's size and complexity. Now that you're the proud owner of a horse, it's time to start gathering the necessary tack. It's important to consider your riding partner's wear while you're on the trail. When talking about a domesticated horse, "horse wear" encompasses everything from the saddle and tack to the grooming tools and halter.

Horse Wear Must-Haves

Properly equipping your horse with horse wear products, such as those found at https://www.caribu.com.au/, is essential. Below are the important horse wear products to keep your riding partner safe and geared.

1. Saddle Pad

The primary function of saddle pads is to provide a softer landing for the horse's back while sitting on the saddle. Saddle pads prevent the saddle from irritating the horse's back by soaking up moisture and collecting dust and grime.

It would be best to equip your training horse with a saddle pad reflecting your individuality would be best. This contrasts saddles, which must precisely conform to the form of the horse's spine. The vast majority of saddle pads are suitable for usage with any horse. The saddle you ride on is important to remember. Western saddles, for instance, need bulky, rectangular padding.

2. Saddle

Each rider and their horse benefit from the use of a saddle. Although it is technically possible to ride without one, doing so is strongly discouraged. Without any of the saddle's capacity capabilities, it may be difficult for riders to maintain their balance, which places additional stress on the horse.

Most riders may get by with a nice, all-purpose kind; nevertheless, there are variants within the basic saddle types, such as jumping or riding saddles for English riders or rope saddles for Western players who also prefer that activity.

3. Protective Vest for Horses

Riders, particularly novices, should always wear protective gear, and safety vests are a crucial part of it. Wearing a safety vest may reduce the risk of harm to the internal organs, spinal, and ribs in the case of a fall. In the event of a fall, riders will be protected by the thick padding on these vests.

4. Protection for The Legs of Horses

When horses rush or play too roughly, they may injure themselves by slamming their hind hooves against the back of their forefoot and lower legs. This commonly results in severely bruised hindquarters.

The limb structures of horses are very fragile. Injuries like contusions, cuts, and ruptured tendons or tissues are frequent in athletic horses. Wearing protective gear for your legs, such as footwear and wraps, may help you avoid or recover from a leg injury.

5. Earplugs

This prevents a horse from being startled by loud noises. They are placed into a horse's ears to block out distracting noises, and they may be manufactured of memory foam or material like sheepskin.

6. Reins

Reins, or the bands linked to a horse's bits or headstall that riders hold, are used to direct and connect with the animals. How you grasp the reins may significantly impact your ability to keep the animal under control. A light touch is required to converse with a horse, yet inexperienced riders frequently assume they need to use force.

In contrast to English riding, western riding uses shorter and wider reins. The middle of English reins is where the two halves meet, and the reins are attached to the saddle by a buckle. On the other hand, a pair of Western split reins are not attached at all.

7. Wears Like Stirrup Leathers and Irons

The metal rings called stirrup irons secure a rider's feet to the horse's saddle. Stirrup leather fastens to the saddle's tree underneath the skirt. The purpose of stirrup irons is to create a secure, level surface for your foot to step onto while mounting and dismounting a horse.

8. Bits

Most horses can be ridden with a snaffle bit because the pressure is even across the horse's mouth. The German term for snout or nose is Schnabel. Gaited horses benefit greatly from a double bit since it accentuates their natural nodding motion. The Pelham bit is a cross between a snaffle and a double bit.

9. ShadowRrolls

Shadow rolls are placed on the harness above the bridge of a horse's nose. They are typically made of sheepskin and come in a variety of sizes. This is because horses tend to leap at shadows on the ground. Also, these devices prevent this by blocking the equine's line of sight.

10. Blinkers

Eye-opening blinkers aid runners in maintaining concentration. The grandstand views, other horses, birds swooping around the infield, etc., might be too much for some horses to handle during a race. The most basic kind of equine eye protection is a nylon hood featuring plastic eye cups placed over the horse's head.

Trainers may choose between various sized and shaped eyecups to provide their horses with the optimal level of vision. When the eye is entirely covered, as in a blind cup, the horse cannot look out of that side.

11. Tongue Ties

Horses benefit from tongue ties because they prevent their tongues from getting chewed while galloping and keep their airways clear. Furthermore, it prevents your horse's mouth from being irritated by the bit.

Select The Proper Horse Wear!

For first-time horse owners, choosing the proper gear may be somewhat stressful. Those mentioned above are just a starting point; additional specialized gear and equipment are required for certain riding disciplines. Keep in mind the necessary horse gear to keep your horse safe while on the go.

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