1. Beyoncé

What a better way of starting your summer with Queen Bee herself? Now let's get into formation and buy those tickets before they are sold out. Ticket Info.

2. Maroon 5

If there is a band you have to see one time in your life it's Maroon 5. Even if it's to get a glimpse of Adam. Ticket Info.

3. Selena Gomez

You have been sing to her songs all this year it's time for you to sing those same tunes in the same room as her. Ticket Info.

4. Demi Lovato

We're cool for the summer so let Demi take you to paradise at one of her concerts. Ticket Info.

5. Halsey

Take a moment and listen to an amazing voice who sings what others won't sing about. Ticket Info.

6. The 1975

If a hot british indie rock band is more your type then this is it. Show some love to The 1975. Ticket Info.

7. Borns

Fall in love with Borns groove tunes and voice not just his face at the nearest location near you. Ticket Info.

8. Twenty One Pilots

If you're more looking for band that knows your pain about driving into pot holes, then don't look any further. Ticket Info.

9. Rihanna

It's Rihanna. Enough Said. Ticket Info.

10. Coldplay

Coldplay killed the Superbowl and your hometown stage. Ticket Info.

11. Justin Bieber

It's time for beliebers everywhere to rejoice love him and hate him , you got to admit his new album is great. Ticket Info.

12. Adele

Ladies and gentlemen the voice that can make you cry, get angry and fall all at once is back. Why not breathe the same air and lose your voice next to a legend. Ticket Info.