11 Things College Girls Say The Moment They Finish Their Last Final

11 Things College Girls Say The Moment They Finish Their Last Final

"Am I actually done or is this a joke?"

College — that time in your life where everything is great — until the last weeks of the semester... when you somehow have to balance like seven tests, 18 papers, 35 group projects and still make time to eat and sleep and do regular human things.

Luckily, those weeks do have an ending point, and when they do end, there are a few things us girls say that clearly mark the end of finals season.

1. Am I actually done or is this a joke?

No, for real, is there like a surprise final or something when I leave this room? This isn't real, right?

2. I'm so happy I'm done.

Bless, now I can finally have a life again.

3. Now I can binge watch Netflix without feeling guilty about it.

Season three I'm coming for you — season four, you're next.

4. I'm going home!

There better not be traffic, though, because if there is, we're going to have a problem.

5. I want to sleep for the next two weeks straight.

I'm not joking, either. I seriously need two weeks of sleep — at least.

6. This semester took forever.

Literally — longest 16 weeks of my life.

7. I want to go out with my friends back home, but I'm broke.

Maybe if I didn't have to buy that really expensive book we only used once the entire semester, I wouldn't be in this predicament.

8. I think I failed that final.

You know, I just spent most of the last week studying for this, but that's OK — I guess my GPA will fail anyway.

9. I SO aced that.

I may feel dead inside, but at least I did well on something this semester.

10. Now, I can actually be excited about the holidays.

It's really not the holiday season until finals are over — enough with the "Christmas music before Thanksgiving debate" I'm on the "Christmas music before finals debate."

11. I'm so excited to eat real food.

Frozen dinners can really only go so far...

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A Letter To High School Seniors On Graduation Day

The rest of your life begins today.

Dear High School Senior,

Today's the day you've been waiting for your whole life. You'll wake up a little earlier than usual, brush your teeth and go downstairs for your last breakfast as a high school student. Your mom will look at you with tears running down her cheeks wondering how her baby grew up so quickly. Your friends will be texting your group message non-stop with words of disbelief, wondering where the time went. You guys made it to the day you've been counting down to all year long.

You'll start to reminisce on things like your first pep rally and the dorky outfits you wore freshman year. You'll laugh at things your old teachers did and remember the ones who left to teach somewhere else. You'll wonder how the guys in your grade actually managed to grow up and laugh at how young you all looked when you had just begun. You'll remember all of the football games you attended and consider how strange it will be seeing other people wearing your guy friends' numbers when the Thanksgiving game rolls around. You'll drive by the soccer field and think of all the blood, sweat and tears you gave to it over your high school career.

You'll recall your first real kiss and joke about how upset you were when the first boy broke your heart. It'll feel like yesterday when you walk through those doors for the final time and look around at all of the empty lockers. You'll gather with your classmates together in the same place for the last time and think about how you're all going to be in different places next year. You'll be excited but nervous because in a few hours, life as you know it will change.

So before you sit down to hear the Valedictorian's speech and walk the stage to receive your diploma, make sure you take the time to appreciate the memories you made in those halls. Thank your teachers, even the difficult ones, because when you're sitting down in your first college class, you'll feel grateful for the work they made you do. Thank your parents for supporting you. It's not easy raising a teenager, but they did not give up on you regardless of how brutal puberty was.

Thank your friends. They're the ones that got you through your first heartbreak and made sure that you were going to be okay. They listened to your complaints after a big fight with your mom, even if they thought you were wrong. They forgave you when you were wrong and understood your bad days. They stood up for you when you got yourself in a bad situation. They brought you coffee when you didn't have time to get it yourself. They took you home when you couldn't make it there alone. They celebrated your good news and helped you through the bad. They made you laugh uncontrollably and created memories that you'll hold on to forever. They made you who you are today.

After you receive your diploma and throw your cap in the air, make the most of the time you have left with your high school friends before you all head off to college. You only have a few months before you're sitting in a dorm room surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Work, but don't forget that memories last longer than money. Go to the beach, take lots of pictures, go out on Friday nights and enjoy the days that summer has to give. Trust me, college will be awesome, but you'll never be the same person that you are today.


Your College Self

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Thinking About My Future Is Terrifying, But Maybe Senior Year Might Not Be As Bad

Whoever told me that senior year would be laid back was lying to me... but I'm starting to see that the worry is just the fear talking

The school year is ending, which means it's exams week, I'm going to be a senior soon and thoughts are just filling me. What's senior year going to be like? Am I ready to be a senior? Will I even get into any colleges? How many teacher recommendations to I need? The questions keep coming, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.

Senior year is when I just have to worry about grades... and getting into a college. Whoever said it was going to be a chill year was lying to me.

As I'm thinking about what senior year will be like, it made me realize how much my decisions are going to affect, especially now that I need to start preparing for the future. It's scary to think about how my future is going to turn out because it will be my decisions and my priorities that shape it.

One thing that high school taught me and should teach others is that grades are important and friends are just as important, and you need to be able to acknowledge that, but you also need to know which is more important at a given time. When I start prepping for college, I will have to look for a college that will suit me, despite the fact that some of my friends won't go there.

It's so stressful. I need to get a 30 or higher on the ACT, keep studying, practice my instrument and the list goes on. People have such high expectations of me, and it's gotten to the point where I have low expectations for myself. It's not a good thing, but with things the way they are, I can't help myself. I'm constantly worrying about the future, which I know is not a good thing, and it doesn't help that everywhere I go, it's somehow a conversation topic.

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As someone who struggles expressing emotions verbally, I tend to write everything down. And as I'm currently venting, I realize that maybe I'm worrying too much. Yes, I should worry about the whole college thing, but I'm thinking maybe it won't as bad. It took me a while to realize that I'm letting the fear take over. I know that senior year is coming down the path real soon, but I can't control that. I can only prepare for it. I can only control what I'm doing right now. It's the choices I make now that will affect in the future. So, if I do the right thing now, it won't that much of a problem later on.

Yeah, I think it's just the fear talking.

I have hope that senior year won't scare me, despite knowing that it is a step into my future and despite knowing that college is not that far away. Am I ready for it? Maybe. Will I let fear stop me? No, because fear is going to be something that will only hold me back.

On the plus side, I'm not the only one going through this. I have friends who will support me, I have friends and family who have been through this and can ask them for help anytime. I have friends and family who are going through this same thing. This is what's keeping me from giving up. It's nice knowing that you have someone to rely on and someone who can support you willingly.

As I'm realizing a lot of this, I can't help but feel relieved.

Now that it's all out, I'm actually excited. I'm only a year away from graduating, which I know is a long time, but I can't wait. College will be a completely different setting that I'm looking forward to. I see it as a way to learn new things, get new experiences and make new friends. It's a step towards the future that I'm terrified and excited for. It's a lot to take in for me, but it will work out... hopefully.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash / Sharon McCutcheon

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