100 Fun And Original Date Ideas
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100 Dates You Can (And Should) Plan, Instead Of Saying 'Let's Get Food!' Every Time

Now is the time to get out there, do what you've never done before, and further bond with your S.O.

Nicole and her boyfriend Nick
Nick Preite

I get it. Sometimes it's hard to come up with date ideas. And if you're someone that frequents the beach or prefers to be outdoors, the winter months can seem devastating. But there are plenty of things you can do every season! Now is the time to get out there, do what you've never done before, and further bond with your S.O. Try out any of these 100 date ideas and have a great day with your boo.

1. Play mini golf

2. Go to the beach

3. Try out a new club

4. Go rock climbing

5. Teach them a new skill

6. Write each other poems

7. Go to a football game

8. Cook dinner together

9. Visit a museum

10. Go to a concert

11. Go for a walk

12. Play board games with friends

13. Go to a playground (and unleash your inner child)

14. Bing watch shows on Netflix

15. Ask each other questions all night

16. Go shopping

17. Face a fear together

18. Play video games

19. Use beauty products like face masks

20. Talk about your favorite memories

21. Try on each other's clothes

22. Go on a random drive

23. Go to a carnival

24. Have a photoshoot

25. Study together

26. Stay inside and cuddle

27. Write each other notes/letters

28. Go through old photos together

29. Go see a movie

30. Swim in a pool

31. Go to an open mic

32. Try out a new restaurant

33. Visit a farmer's market

34. Go to an aquarium or zoo

35. Go to an amusement park

36. Volunteer at an animal shelter

37. Get lost in a corn maze

38. Carve pumpkins together

39. Go to a party

40. Go on a hayride

41. Go to a haunted house

42. Go apple picking

43. Go camping

44. Go to church

45. Try an "escape the room"

46. Go snowboarding or skiing

47. Go to an arcade

48. Draw each other

49. See a play or musical

50. Go to a campus event like Hotdog Day

51. Have a picnic

52. Film something together

53. Go ice skating

54. Build a snowman

55. Go stargazing

56. Do something crazy like bungee jumping

57. Watch the sun rise or set

58. Try a dance class

59. Go to the gym together

60. Do yoga

61. Go surfing

62. Go for a hike

63. Do karaoke

64. Make snow angels

65. Jump in a pile of leaves

66. Go on vacation together

67. Go to a wedding

68. Go to a library

69. Go snorkeling

70. Write out your love story

71. Go to a flower garden

72. Go to a basement show

73. Explore a new town

74. Go to Ikea (and survive the experience)

75. Go paintballing

76. Babysit for someone you know

77. Do each other's makeup

78. Participate in a contest

79. Try out laser tag

80. Have a relaxing bath with some bath bombs

81. Visit another college

82. Buy each other a random gift

83. Redecorate your apartment

84. Jam out together

85. Go on a scavenger hunt

86. Learn more about your ancestry

87. Go to a comedy show

88. Host a barbecue

89. Go bowling

90. Take a pottery class

91. Fly kites in the park

92. Ride Go-Karts

93. Have a bonfire

94. Give a tour of your hometown

95. Go horseback riding

96. Go fishing

97. Write a bucket list together

98. Have a water gun fight

99. See a fortune teller

100. Go to a poetry reading

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