Saying that all of us Seminoles have faced defeat is an understatement. We've lost to Louisville, had our dreams crushed when we played Clemson and even failed when we were up against North Carolina (at least we didn't lose to Miami ha ha sucks to be u). I know I can speak for all of us when I say that I have had it with defeat. As the game against UF draws near, I decided to reflect on all of the things that I'd rather do than lose again, specifically to the gators:

1) Hear the word "moist."

2) Have my first dance at my wedding be to "What Does the Fox Say."

3) Eat soup with a fork.

4) Sit in traffic on Tennessee Street for 24 hours.5) Stick my tongue on the freezer aisle.

6) Literally shit a brick.

7) Be allergic to Chipotle.

8) Shave my eyebrows.

9) Slam my hand in a car door.

10) Sleep through a final exam.

11) Have the Walking Dead be real.

12) Have someone ask me if I'm pregnant when I'm just fat.

13) Get a mohawk.

14) Be lactose intolerant.

15) Live in Smith Hall for the rest of my college career.

16) Do the Cinnamon Challenge.

17) Only drink mind erasers on my 21st birthday.

18) Run on the treadmill.

19) Eat anchovies.

20) Cut off my finger with a potato peeler.

21) Wear red underwear with white pants.

22) Step on a Lego.

23) Be 2007 Brittany.

24) Get a tattoo of a gator on my face.

25) Poop in a public bathroom.

26) Eat a sandwich off of the floor of Coli.

27) Get fitted for a retainer for 3 hours.

28) Drink unsweet tea.

29) Staple my thumb.

30) Get tapeworms.

31) Wait in the Chipotle line on Tennessee Street.

32) Have my ringtone be Nickelback.

33) Only drink salt water for the rest of my life.

34) Eat tobacco dip.

35) Have Moe's run out of queso.

36) Get "no ragrats" tattooed on my chest.

37) Have Dalvin Cook play for the gators.

38) Get an M.I.P.

39) Have my skin tone be as orange as Donald Trump's.

40) Get a never ending nose bleed.

41) Only listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black for the rest of my life.

42) Run out of gas on the highway.

43) Have my hair turn red when I was going for a "honey mist auburn."

44) Never turn 21.

45) Have Voldemort's nose.

46) Drink bleach.

47) Eat half cooked pasta.

48) Watch a 24 hour video on how to knit.

49) Touch the metal part of a seat belt on a hot Florida day.

50) Drive a Kia Soul.

51) Take an 8am class.

52) And actually go to it.

53) Take care of a Tamagotchi.

54) Eat sand.

55) Get an enema.

56) Work on Black Friday.

57) Run the PR department for the Cincinnati Zoo.58) Sort Forever 21 by color.

59) Watch paint dry.

60) Transfer to Miami.

61) Have there always be an Uber surge.

62) Get Swine Flu.

63) Watch a movie on the Hallmark channel.

64) Have my roommate practice the violin everyday.

65) Put my head in the oven.

66) Use lemon juice for eye drops.

67) Make my bed.

68) Have my umbrella break walking across campus during Hurricane Hermine (again).

69) Drink nail polish remover.

70) Find parking on campus.

71) Have the entire football team be out due to Hand Foot Mouth Disease.

72) Eat a microwaveable meal that's still frozen in the middle.

73) Think that the push/pull door at the grocery store is automatic and stand there waiting for it to open on its own.

74) Watch Marley and Me.

75) Have my mom accidentally donate the wrong box of my childhood memories to a daycare like in Toy Story 3.

76) Awkwardly be in the same room as your friend when she's fighting with her parents.

77) Study organic chemistry.

78) Be eaten by the Alaskan Bull Worm.

79) Clean the floor of standard with a single Clorox wipe.

80) Go to lunch with all of my exes at once.

81) Have a Motorola Razr.

82) Have Gumby's accidentally bring me a salad for dinner after a day of recruitment (again).

83) Read my myspace posts from the 7th grade.

84) See a clown on campus.

85) Have Siri talk in the middle of a silent lecture of 150 people.

86) Screenshot a conversation and accidentally send it to that person.

87) Buy textbooks.

88) Hit every red light on Tennessee Street.

89) Wear a perfume that smells like burnt popcorn everyday for the rest of my life.

90) Type a 10 page research paper with my elbows.

91) Have my hair look like Hilary Clinton's.

92) Accidentally like my enemies picture on Instagram from 68 weeks ago.

93) Never be allowed to wear leggings or athletic shorts to class again.

94) Own one pair of shoes and have them be New Balance tennis shoes that nerdy dads wear.

95) Only shop at the Limited Too.

96) Eat burnt Olive Garden bread sticks.

97) Be Taylor Swift when Kayne stole her speech.

98) Get asked "is Pepsi okay?" when I ask for Coke.

99) Have my hair permanently look like Cindy Lou from The Grinch.

100) Be a gator.