10 New Year's Resolutions You Didn’t Keep

A year has come and gone. Most of us did not achieve our resolution or many of the goals we had planned for the year. Setting goals for yourself is a great way to stay motivated. Here are some resolutions you may have made and not kept, but are going to keep this year. 2016 here we come!

1. I’m going to get back into shape.

We all make this resolution and we make it almost every year. Sure you’ll go to the gym every day for two weeks to work off the holiday chub you’ve been avoiding but can’t deny any longer. Sadly, unless you get into a weekly workout routine that works for you, you’re going to find yourself doing the two-week gym grind again right before bikini season. You can get that dream body if you get into a routine or workout class that speaks true to you and your specific lifestyle.

2. I’m going to live the life I pinned on Pinterest!

We all have 100+ boards on Pinterest containing recipes we’ve never attempted, crafts we’ll never make and clothes we can’t afford. The truth is, is you don’t need to live this fantasy life, but it doesn’t hurt to get out there and try new things you’ve been putting off.

3. I’m going to eat healthy this year.

This one gets similar treatment to the gym going resolution. This too is a great ambition, but the whole year is a long time to eat healthy, let’s face it. If you do small things like meatless Mondays and start shopping in the organic section, things will slowly fall into place. You don’t need to go on a month-long juice cleanse and then binge for the next two months at Chipotle and In N Out. Pace yourself and make little changes that will have a lasting impact. You don’t need a new diet, you need a new lifestyle!

4. I’m going to be more charitable.

This resolution is very easy to accomplish, but also goes unresolved like the rest of them. Being charitable is an easy task when you get down to it. All you need is to pick a cause or two and help out. Asking others to donate to your favorite charity as a Christmas gift is a great way to warm up before the new year even begins! The holiday season is a great time to be giving, but so is the rest of the year! So if you make this resolution keep it, it's not that hard to go down to the soup kitchen once a week or foster puppies for your local shelter. A little gesture can go a long way.

5. I’m going to travel the world.

No matter how old you are, everyone should get to see the world. The fewer places you see, people you meet and experiences you have, the less enriching your life is. Everyone deserves to try new things and broaden their perspective. The most important form of knowledge is often found outside of the classroom. So this year save your money for a gift that will last a lifetime. Grab some friends, family or even go alone. This year make it a goal to at least go someplace you have never been before and you won’t regret it.

6. Be happy this year.

If you are not happy there is always a way to achieve it. A great man once told me that the key to happiness is waking up in the morning and simply deciding you are going to be happy. Sometimes all it takes is a little optimism and positive energy to turn things around. If you don’t like your job, then quit. If there are people holding you back, set them free. The people who make you happy won’t leave you and the ones who will you’re better off without. Take this year to evaluate what truly makes you happy and run with it. Try to get rid of the rest; you don’t need it. Set yourself free this year and make it the happiest one yet. You don’t need the holidays to make you jolly, keep that spirit up all year long.

7. Let go of all of your grudges and makeup.

Life is too short to be carrying the weight of the world around with you. Take this year to get on good terms with the people in your life who you miss. Forgiveness can be a hard thing, but it’s worth it in the end. Everyone’s lives are better if everyone attempts to get along and leaves the past in the past. Live in the moment and make new memories rather than harping over the bad ones in the past. You can’t change what has already happened, but you can dictate if this year is a great one or not. So get out there and open up your heart!

8. Stop caring about social media.

I am not saying this year you should make your resolution to stop using it all together; social media is a great tool for communication all over the world that has created jobs and united people that would have been impossible in the past. However, the negative effects of the internet and social media can create bigger issues that outweigh the positives. Here are some things to help you stop caring so much about social media this year:

1. Before you post a picture, ask yourself why you are posting it, and after you answer this if you still want to post it don’t check how many likes you get (it literally does not matter, like at all).

2. Use it to spread positivity rather than negativity.

3. Use it when appropriate (i.e not at the dinner table, in class, or during a conversation).

4. Edit less (this one is just helpful for everyone we all know what we really look like).

9. Do at least one thing on your bucket list.

We all have crazy things we’ve thought of doing but have never actually dared to do. Pick a day and pick a thing on the list and cross it off. Give yourself a deadline. Life is too short to wait for the perfect day to go skydiving or run with the bulls. Cross at least one thing off every year; that way you can add more things and experience all the fun things you have always wanted to do but never had the courage to do.

10. Fall in love.

Many people hope this year will be the year they find their significant other. The truth is love finds you, you do not find it. All you need to do to fall in love is open your heart. And who knows what you will fall in love with: it might be a new sport you never tried, or a new culture, a place you haven’t visited, someone you fall back in love with all over again. Whoever or whatever or wherever you fall in love all you need to do is open your heart to it, and it will find you!
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