10 Ways To Experience Boston
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10 Ways To Experience Boston

The best city on earth

10 Ways To Experience Boston

Food, views, and shopping should be reason enough!

1. Eat in the North End and get Mikes 

One of my all-time favorite places to eat Italian food is in none other than the North End of Boston. A few of my favorite restaurants are Nico, Cantina Italiana, Trattoria Il Panino and Al Dente.

2. Head over to Fenway Park

Having just won the World Series, I see it fit to mention Fenway Park. The park holds meaning for all of Boston's fans and in a sense, represents the heart of the city. Games in this park are unforgettable and the feeling of community is captured by loud cheers and the singing of Sweet Caroline. Grab some peanuts or a Fenway frank and enjoy the show.

3. Go shopping on Newbury Street in Back Bay

Newbury street is covered head to toe in brownstone looking buildings. You will find shopping here along with many choices for food. Parking can be tough but it is worth the hassle. One of my favorite restaurants on Newbury is the café hidden within the Trident Bookstore. Their breakfast foods are the best and it is a family tradition that we eat there every Christmas Eve morning.

4. Go to the New England Aquarium

This is a place I enjoyed when I was really little. Schools usually bring their students on field trips here but it is definitely a must see. The sea life is incredible and it can be extremely informative and interesting for kids to explore!

5. Explore the Sea Port

The seaport is another one of my favorite spots. It is sheek and up and coming with much construction. Rosa Mexicana, the Legal Sea Foods and Jerry Remy's are a few of my favorite restaurants located in the sea port. There are beautiful decks that look out over the water which are great for picture taking!

6. Walk Boston Public Garden

Boston Common is most beautiful in the spring. Flowers bloom and a walk through it can be both relaxing and astonishing at the same time. It is well-kept and there is a beautiful bridge that overlooks people in swan boats. The duck pond freezes over in the winter for ice skating!

7. Explore Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall is a great place to walk through. If you are looking for a quick bite, enter the market and grab any and every type of food you could imagine. From noodles to paninis to ice cream to salads, they have it all. My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie truck they keep right out front. SO good.

8. Take a boat into Boston Harbor

This is something that if you are fortunate enough to do you HAVE to do. The views of the city from the water are stunning. Enough said.

9. Go to the top of the Prudential Center

If you're looking for a fine dine and an outstanding view of the city head to the top of the Prudential Center.

10. Take a trip to Harvard Square

Harvard Square is an underrated gem. It is filled with college students, smart ones I might add, and one of my favorite places to grab Mexican food of all time: The Border Café.

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