10 Ways To De-Stress After The Holidays

10 Ways To De-Stress After The Holidays

For when your family asks all the wrong questions

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Well, Thanksgiving is over and now we will all go back to our normal lives...until Christmas...and New Year's. The holidays are a stressful time for everyone even though they are also a great time to see your family and have a good time. Since Thanksgiving is notorious for being the holiday of never-ending reminders of your shortcomings, I have put together a list of relaxing activities for you to enjoy in an attempt to forget how terrible you feel. Or maybe not.

1. Yoga

Deep breathing, contortion, and pulled muscles.

2. Fold laundry while listening to soft rock or smooth jazz

Who doesn't love to fold their underwear and look for missing socks with Charlie Brown music or Neil Diamond's greatest hits?

3. Keep a journal

Write your feelings on paper. Paper that you're never going to look at again. Be careful, though. Someone might find it. Keep that in the back of your mind.

4. Buy a cute planner and write everything you have to do in it as far in advance as you can

It will remind you that you have nothing but daunting responsibilities and no social life. Heck yeah!

5. Get a makeover

"I can make you look less like you live under a bridge with this lifting under eye serum! It only costs $800 and your left shoe!"

6. Spend all of your money shopping for things you don't need

How are the student loan payments going? Swimmingly...or drowningly...because you're still drowning in it. What about rent? Oh, sore subject? It's better not to think about it.

7. Read a good book

Kidding! There's no room in your planner.

8. Sign up for a dating website or app

Nothing can distract you from your failures as well as bad pickup lines can! Go on that sketchy date and BE FREE!

9. Apply for real jobs

Also kidding. Who needs one of those? You don't need a Floridian beach house when you're 80!

10. Start writing a novel

Maybe you'll become so rich and famous that you will no longer need to have any responsibilities!

Happy holidays!

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