10 Ways to Avoid Kidnapping/Human Traffickers

1. Do NOT be on your cellphone when you walk to the car.

You are distracted and vulnerable, which makes you a perfect target for someone who wants an easy catch.

2. Do NOT sit in your car and text/read/set up music while your car is in a parking lot.

This allows for someone to break into your car quickly before you can even put it in drive. Make sure to leave the premises as soon as you get in the car. Your life is more important than your music. However, don't text or choose music on your phone while you drive. Either pull over on the shoulder, or wait for a red light. Also, if there is a strange object on your car such as a shirt or an open newspaper, do NOT get out to move it. This is a new tactic that attackers use.

3. ALWAYS lock your doors as soon as you get in the car.

Unlocked doors easily allow for someone to break in and tell you to drive.

4. Late at night, ask for a security guard to walk you out.

Whether it is coming out of work or the mall, it's better to be safe than sorry - that's for sure.

5. If someone is following you, run far from them in a zigzag direction into the nearest place possible where there is more people.

Why zigzag? Allegedly, someone who may have a gun is then less likely to hit you.

6. ALWAYS put up a fight.

A difficult target is never a fun target for the attacker. Punch in the groin, the nose, and the stomach. Use your elbow; it is the strongest part of your body.

7. If you can, carry pepper spray.

Announcing that you have pepper spray to the attacker may cause him to lose interest in you as a target. Also, spray it as the attacker approaches you. Aim for the eyes.

8. Tell the attacker lies

It sounds ridiculous, but I once heard a story of a girl who warded off an attacker by saying, "My parents had me microchipped because I've been assaulted before! They know where I am and they CAN track me." It may seem absurd, but it may also save your life.

9. If a possible attacker is following you, look this person in the face.

You can now identify him in a lineup, and if you need to announce that to the person, rightfully do so.

10. NEVER put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If someone seems even the least bit sketchy, assume the worst. It is better to mistake a safe person for an attacker rather than an attacker for a safe person. Also, if you are put in someone's trunk, try to bash out a headlight and then wave your hand through the back. The car behind you or diagonal from you WILL see you.

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