Being a college student in Florida is all fun and games... besides when it is hurricane season. With Irma coming along there have been many mixed reactions from students in the sunshine state.

1. The student who just finds out they have to evacuate, but their friends already left without them.

I guess I will start swimming now.

2. The student who is just trying to pretend like this is not actually happening.

Having no classes is just like an endless party.

3. The student who is constantly calling admissions to find out when they are going to cancel classes.

Do you realize even if there are classes you will have no students in them, right?

4. The student who will take in anyone who does not have a place to stay.

Don't you dare think about staying alone.

5. The student who does not read their emails and showed up to class after it was canceled.

A warning, or two, would have been nice.

6. The student who flew home because their parents made them.

I hope they know they ruined all my hurricane party plans.

7. The student who wants to go home, but waited too long to get a flight.

I just want to be home safe in my bed with my dog.

8. The student who refuses to move from where they are.

Bring it on Irma.

9. The student who just wants to see their mom.

Mentally and emotionally not OK right now.

10. Every student.

Irma, you have affected me one way or another.

Hoping everyone stays safe this hurricane season!