I can’t count a number of times I’ve been asked ‘what’s it like?’ by friends, family, and strangers in pubs who haven’t had the experience of sharing a womb with another person. Yes, we are a miracle of human nature and look amazingly cute when dressed the same, but to me (and probably all other twins out there) being a twin is one of the most natural things in the world. So here are some tings only twins can relate to.

1. Matching clothes

In case people couldn't tell you apart, your parents must make it even more challenging. So now it has become a guessing game.

2. Sharing a Birthday

Unless by the small chance you are one of those twins where one was born at 11 p.m and the other at midnight, this does not apply to you. Unlike most people, twins have to share a birthday with one other person. Meaning one party, one cake, one day.

3. People confusing us.

When identical some people can just never get you right.

4. Being referred to as "The Twins."

You know you hate this. We all have names, and people know that, but they say is quicker to say "The Twins."

5. Or referred to as "One of the twins."

Just say my name. "Yes I am one of the twins but my name is Laura. Nice to meet you."

6. You learn to respond to someone else's name.

You could hear your twins name and still turn your head, it becomes a habit.

7. The classic "Are you guys twins?"

"No, she's adopted. Of course, we're twins."

8. Followed by "Identical or Fraternal?"

Not that people need to know, but you will hear this thousand of times in your life. You learn to answer before it is asked.

9. Always asked if you have twin telepathy.

No, just no. We only feel each other's pain when we are the ones causing it.

10. Switching classes/seats to confuse your teachers.

Since schools thought it would be fun to stick us in the same classes. Why not have some fun?