Twenty-one pilots have changed my life. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without there music; they have gotten me through so much, especially at my first year of college. The music is great to jam to, but the lyrics are so relatable to the thoughts in my head, and what I’m experiencing. Sometimes my suite mates and I blast “Car Radio,” and scream along with Tyler Joseph to release all of those different emotions we’re feeling—it really does wonders. Here I’ve listed 10 Twenty-one Pilots lyrics that relate to college life.

1. When you have no money in your bank account

“There’s some people and I

Who have a really tough time getting through this life”


2. When you ask your parents for money and they say you have to get a job

“Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face,

Saying, ‘wake up, you need to make money.’”

-"Stressed Out"

3. When it’s Sunday, and you haven’t started your homework yet

“Cause Sundays are my suicide days”


4. When you have an breakdown/ identity crisis

“Before you know it, I’m lost at sea”

-"Holding on To You"

5. When you start to have self-doubt

“What if my dream doesn’t happen?”

-"We Don’t Believe What We See on T.V."

6. When your crush doesn’t answer your text

“And now I just sit in silence”

-“Car Radio”

7. When one of your suite mates touches the thermostat

“Temperature is dropping, temperature is dropping”


8. When you stay up until 2 A.M. with your friends singing songs from “High School Musical,” instead of writing your paper

“My friends and I, we’ve got a lot of problems”


9. When you can’t wake up for your 8:30 A.M.

“Heard you say, ‘not today’”

-"Not Today"

10. When you want to sleep, but can’t because you have to study for an exam

“I’m trying, I’m trying to sleep

But I can’t”

-"Guns for Hands"