10 Trends From The Last Decade You Totally Forgot About

As 2020 rapidly approaches, it is the end of the decade. Over the last decade, we have seen an abundance of new trends, challenges, and scandals. As we gear up for the new decade, let's look back on some of the trends we have seen over the years that we might not have remembered.

1. The launch of Instagram.

Now checking our Instagram has become part of our daily routine but it was not until 2010 that Instagram launched. Instagram began as a way to share photos with your followers. Today, Instagram is much more than just a place to share your photos. #IG

2. The ALS ice bucket challenge.

In 2014, the "ice bucket challenge" went viral. The purpose of this challenge was to spread awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. #IceBucketChallenge

3. "The dress" debate.

Back in 2015, what is referred to as the "the dress" debate began. This debate began after viewers could not agree on the color of this infamous dress. After much debate, it was confirmed that the dress, in fact, was black and blue. #Blackandblue #Whiteandgold

4. Learning the "Cup Song."

When 'Pitch Perfect' came out in 2012, everyone began learning the cup song. The song "Cups" is a version of The Carter Family song "When I'm Gone." #cupsong

5. Harambe.

In 2016, Harambe, a gorilla that was euthanized after a child fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, went viral as memes emerged about him. #RIPHARAMBE

6. Internet dance challenges.

Several different internet dance challenges went viral over the last decade. Some of these included the Harlem Shake, Kiki challenge, Gangman Style, and the mannequin challenge.

7. Silly Bandz.

Silly Bandz were rubber bands that were created to form different shapes such as different objects, animals, and letters. Silly Bandz became popular in the early 2010s when kids started collecting them and wearing them as bracelets.

8. Planking.

Planking was another popular internet trend over the last decade. Planking is an activity where one lays face down like a board. Typically, this was done in unusual places.

9. Vine .

Before there was TikTok, there was Vine. Vine was founded in 2012 and was a place for creators to share six-second videos. In 2017, Vine was shut-down. #RIPVine

10. Fidget spinners.

Fidget spinners quickly became popular in 2017. It was promoted as a toy to help those who might have trouble focusing. Since the launch of the fidget spinner, we have seen the creation of other similar toys.

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