1. Dress for the weather!

For most schools recruitment is in the Summer/Fall months, therefore, it is probably HOT. And I mean, scorching. So, that long-sleeved dress may be adorable, but it won't be when you are sitting under the hot sun for hours at a time. Wear light weight, flowy dresses that do not show sweat! You will be thankful you did!

2. Go in with an open mind.

Do not go into recruitment having your heart set on one house. This can ruin your experience! You never know which houses will surprise you, so don't rule them out before giving them a chance.

3. Bring a portable fan.

Like I said earlier, recruitment happens during the hottest months of the year, so bring a portable fan! It will truly be a life saver. (Also: buy a fan BEFORE recruitment because they will sell out)

4. Stick with what you know.

This is not the week to try out any new makeup or hairstyles. Think twice before using brand-new bronzer that could potentially make you look like 2009 Snooki.

5. Be yourself.

Don't try to be someone you aren't to impress a house you like! Be yourself, or you will end up in a house that may not have been the best fit for you.

6. Trust the process.

Ok, hear me out. I know everyone says this. I know it sounds cheesy. BUT IT IS TRUE! If it does not work out with a house you really liked, it is for a reason. It is so hard to understand this in the moment, however, at the end of your freshman year you won't be able to see yourself in any house but the one you joined.

7. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

Don't talk poorly about any houses! For all you know, the girl you are talking to may actually love the house that you are talking bad about. So, think before you speak!

8. Be positive.

You may have houses on your schedule you are not as excited to visit. However, do not have a negative attitude about it! Girls can tell if you do not want to be there, and there is nothing worse than being dropped by a house because you acted like you were too good to be there. Every house has awesome girls, so give them all an equal chance!

9. Be open to meeting people.

You will be put into a large group of people you have never met. These people will become your family for the week, and some might become your sisters at the end of it. So, meet people! Talk to the girls in your Rho Chi groups even if it is a little uncomfortable at first. It will be worth it when you have friends who pledge all different houses.

10. Embrace recruitment.

Embrace the experience. To most, it will be like nothing you have ever experienced, and you only get to be a PNM once. So, have fun, be positive, and enjoy it!