As a college student, sleep is something we can never get enough of, so leaving our warm/cozy bed in the morning is the ultimate struggle — and we've DEFINITELY had these thoughts:

1. UGH.

Whether it's 7 a.m. or 12 p.m., abruptly waking up to your alarm blaring in your ear can only be explained simply by the term “ugh.” You snooze it as quickly as possible and soak up every last minute before you are forced to get up. As a college student sleep is something we can never get enough of, so leaving our warm/cozy bed in the morning is the ultimate struggle.

2. How many times have I skipped my first class?

As you snooze your alarm and bury your head in the pillows you ask yourself how many times you have skipped this class. You struggle to remember the attendance policy and decide if you can afford to skip. In a half-asleep haze, you search for any reason to justify staying in bed and not starting your day for a few more hours.

3. Do I have time to take a nap later?

After you make yourself feel guilty and decide that you will abandon your precious bed and go to class, you plan a time that you can reward yourself with a nap. You negotiate with yourself and attempt to find some motivation to crawl out of bed and start getting ready for class. Honestly, in college naps are the real MVP.

4. OMG, I need to hurry up.

You have snoozed your alarm at least twice, tried to justify staying in bed and spent about 10 minutes looking at your phone so chances are that you are running late before you have even gotten out of bed. Finally, once you are up and moving you have to kick it in high gear because you are running out of time.

5. I honestly don’t even care if I look like a hobo today.

At this point, you have spent so long lying in bed that you don’t have time to look cute for class even if you wanted to. You are so tired that you dig through your laundry and just throw on your go-to pair of black leggings and an oversized T-shirt. You just want to be as comfortable as possible to make up for the fact that you are not still curled up in your cozy bed.

6. Wow, I loved getting stopped by every red light in town :-)

After spending entirely too long in bed, attempting to get ready, and get out the door without forgetting anything, you don’t have any time to waste. Chances are that you are pushing the speed limit and hating yourself for snoozing the alarm so many times. OF COURSE the morning you are already running late, the universe hates you and decides to make you get stopped by every red light on the way to campus.


The college parking lot is a war zone when class starts in 10 minutes. Everyone abandons all morals and fights to get a spot even if it's the worst one in the lot it's better than nothing at this point. You definitely have no shame in stalking people walking to their cars so you can zoom into their spot as soon as the leave. You probably should have thought about the struggle of finding a parking spot right before class starts while laying in bed instead of snoozing the alarm 700 times.

8. I need a coffee before class, like, I LITERALLY need one.

The only thing that can improve your morning and the rest of your day is a giant coffee. So you get in the Starbucks line and have a little panic attack because your class starts in 2 minutes. You question your decision to get coffee. “Do I abort mission or do I stay committed to this heavenly venti iced coffee?” 10/10 times you decide to stay committed to the coffee.

9. I’m so late at this point I might as well just take my time.

At first, you start off with the walk/run to class while attempting not to spill your coffee, but then you realize how dumb you look. Then you decide to embrace your lateness and just walk and enjoy your coffee. As you roll up to class 5 minutes late you try to sneak into class without getting a dirty look from the professor and not make a scene.

10. Damn, I should’ve just stayed in bed.

Enough said. Should’ve just stayed in bed.