If you’re a college student, you are probably questioning life right now. It’s finals week, you have slept seven hours in the past three days, your bank account says you are eating off the dollar menu tonight, it's cold, and you have a million things to do before you can go home for winter break. The good news is you’re not alone and thousands of other kids are suffering with you! Keep moving forward and you'll be home with your dog eating a home-cooked meal before you know it. Here are a few thoughts that are probably going through your head right about now…

1. “Who really needs a college education anyway?”

2. “I need to get a 120% on the final to get an ‘A’ in the class”

3. “I need more coffee”

4. “When is the last time I’ve slept?”

5. “Cumulative final exam?! That professor definitely isn’t getting a good rating”

6. “Ok, time to learn 25 chapters in one night!”

7. “What day is it again?”

8. “Ugh, when is Christmas?”

9. “Best years of your life!” Yeah right, it sure doesn’t seem like that right now.

10. “This week the library is my home, bed, and dining room table all in one”

And after exams are over you realize how much you were able to accomplish in five days and wonder what the semester would have been like if you could have been that productive the whole time!