10 Thoughts During SVSU Syllabus Week

Syllabus week in college is the one week you are blessed with a get out of jail free card, its like the tease that gives you false hope that maybe your workload won't be so bad this semester. Soak it in, because it's gone in a flash and before you know it 5 papers are due, 2 presentations, 10 volunteer hours, oh and you need to call your mom back.

1. Is attendance mandatory???

The minute you get that syllabus, the first thing you do is scan to find if attendance is mandatory, and if so how many days can you skip before the grade goes down. This is crucial, especially if it is an early Monday or Wednesday class because pep talks to get out of bed are just going to get harder and harder after every week.

2. How am I gonna survive this mono-toned voice professor all semester?

You know in Ferris Bueller's Day Off when the professor keeps repeating his last name in that boring monotoned voice and everyones falling asleep in class, you're going to have at least one of those professors without a question. You may get away with watching Netflix in the back, but just incase, bring lots of coffee cause thats gonna be a long two hours.

3. I can't wait for this week to end so I can dress like the lazy slob I really am

The first week is crucial on the dress game, you want to start of promising and show your professors and classmates you are capable of dressing up, but after that first week its all free game. You might get marked absent from failure of the professor being able to recognize you the next week in those baggy sweats but you're comfy, and quite frankly, just don't care. At least you brushed your teeth what more can anyone ask of you?


There is always that one professor that goes through the syllabus then all of a sudden pulls up the slides to lesson one. For whatever reason, that professor has no life and only pictures of their animals on their desk. That's when you know it's going to be a long semester but don't fret, because that's why Thursday nights were invented.

5. Woah, wait a minute wait a minute, who's that sitting two seats over?

It's the first week of classes and naturally the first thing you do is scan the class to see who is all around, and there's always that one person you're going to go back to your friends and brag that you have class with. It's always a good idea to make sure you have a study buddy, am I right?

6. How bad would it be to skip the first class?

You survived welcome weekend now it's time to get down to business on why you are really here, but would the professor notice you if you didn't show up? I mean it is just syllabus week what do they have to say that's so important anyways.

7. Is it too late to drop this class?

The good news is its never too late to drop a class, the bad news is you probably actually really need this class. You're going to have those few classes that going through the syllabus once you get to the semester agenda there's going to be some criteria that will seem like just too much and you can already see the all nighters you're going to have to pull from procrastination. Don't panic, thousands of young adults have managed just like you will, it just is going to take a little less going out and little bit more going into the library.

8. I'm never showing up to this class

Along with the over bearing time consuming class, you always get lucky enough to have at least that one blow off class that you do not even consider you are taking because it is just too easy. Cherish that class forever and never take it for granted, those are the classes sent from the college gods. Its like their gift to you for choosing to further your education when really, we're all just here to have a good time.

9. What classes can I fit in a nap between

There is one crucial ingredient for a successful year at college and that is sleep. Us college kids thrive off it, we can never get enough, literally. Night time is made for homework and fun, its the hour between classes that is actually made for sleep.

10. Thank god it's the weekend

At the end of the week it's just welcome weekend two point oh because if all has gone to plan you have no homework and no responsibilities for one more weekend. College is a beautiful thing. Be smart, but soak it in.

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