As Christmas music starts filling our hearts with oh my gosh my golly and things like decking our halls we begin going on different type of hauls. Yes, I am talking about Black Friday and shopping and literally pushing other shoppers out of the way of a $10 pair of shoes. Black Friday is something that you hate to love, and you're lying if you don't take your turkey-filled bellies out at 12 o'clock to start some of your Christmas shopping.

1. Can we speed up this whole Thanksgiving thing?

Alright, I get it I love food too, but I'm way too broke and waaay to far behind on this whole Christmas shopping thing. Let's go Aunt Betty finish your plate so I can get changed into my comfy clothes and go shopping!

2. Let's freakin' get it, ladies.

Alright, Becky, you take care of shoes. Lauren, you go ahead and check out the men's section for Tommy. and Lastly, Karen you check out that jean sale in American Eagle. and me? I'll check out the purse. ANNND GO.

3. She better not grab those heels, or I'm gonna snap.

Will I fight her over 40$ Steve Maddens? Absolutely! No one and I mean NO ONE messes with my sales-, especially on black Friday.

4. This man BETTER stop pushing me!

Ok, you know what dude your daughter doesn't need these jeans that bad. I DO. So, you better stop pushing me right now, or I WILL scream.

6. Is this line even moving?

YO, I have been standing here for 45 minutes! Do you not know that Victoria's Secret is having a sale on panties right now? Speed this shindig up!

7. You are not tired, you are definitely not tired.

Alright, now girl, time for another Starbuck coffee. Make your way over there you have 5 minutes before Express closes. You got this lady!

8. Wait, did I just only spend money on myself?

Holy shit, holy shit. I literally just spent all my money on myself. When am I ever going to find these deals again. Why do I have a family? Do I really love them? I mean they wouldn't mind, right?


and here is where the panic really sets in......

10. Was there leftover Turkey?

And this is where the Thanksgiving food really, really matters.