10 Thoughts Freshmen Have

Freshman year can be a tough time. For most kids, it's the first time that they are living away from home and are on their own. It can be difficult for some kids to adjust. College is great and fun, but as the semester comes to a close there are a few things that a lot of college freshmen have on their minds.

1. Exams

Exams are tough for anyone, but for college freshmen they can be really difficult. For most of us it's our first full college final, sure we had mid-terms and those were scary, but now with the final it can become a lot more stressful. We're at that point in the semester where we can't do much to change our grade except for ace our final and that's a lot of stress.

2. Roommates

At this point, we've lived with our roommate(s) for half a school year and we know each other pretty well. We have things in common and some differences, but we make it work. We live in a very small room together, we're forced to get along. We have other friends and we do things together, and so far it's been great.

3. Dining Hall

When food is mass produced it looses that home-cooked feeling. I'm not saying the food in our dining hall is bad, but I miss a good, home cooked meal. I can't wait to get home for break and get one!

4. Classes

Classes this semester have been interesting so far... My first semester in college means my first semester of college classes. They've been difficult at times, but I think I've done ok. I still have another 3+ years to go, so I should get used to being in class.

5. Home

Before I left I didn't think I would miss home as much as I do, but I miss home a lot. My parents are probably going to read this and say "I told you so" but it's true, I do miss home. I miss my own house and my own room and my bed and everything about my home. I can't wait to get back for winter break and just be home.

6. Time Management

Being totally honest, anyone who knows me knows that my time management skills are just plain awful. But, I think they've gotten better since I've started college. I now force myself to set aside time to do my class work and study for tests. Especially with exams coming up, I've been able to create a plan for myself and stick to it

7. New Friends

College is all about making new friends, and I've made a few that I know I will be friends with for years to come. I've had a great experience so far with meeting people and making friends, something I'm usually awful at.

8. Old Friends

Just because I'm making new friends doesn't mean I don't miss my old friends from home. I miss a lot of my high school friends, but it's nice that we have a bit more freedom now. We all went to different colleges, but we have the ability to go visit each other, and communicate over social media. We may be apart, but we're just as strong as ever, and it's always a party when we see each other again.

9. Peace and Quiet

Peace and quiet, something you rarely get on a college campus. There is always something going on, always someone outside yelling, especially after a Packer game. It's crazy, but that's life. That's the 'College Experience' and so far, I'm loving it. It really keeps things interesting around here.

10. Growing up

I'm being totally honest, I am not ready to grow up completely. I may be in college and by myself up here, but I am by no means a grown up, just ask my parents. The world is a big place, and I am just starting out. I'm still a little kid at times, but I have a whole life ahead of me and I can't wait to start living it.

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