Now that the holiday season is here, and many college students have finished their finals, those students are probably now back in their hometowns. Ah, being home. That can bring back either great memories or memories that should not be brought back except when you're out for drinks with friends and you're reminiscing about the old days. But what about those thoughts when one might just be going for a drive?

Well, whenever I go for a drive around my small hometown of Avon, here are 10 thoughts that come up.

1. Wow, I haven't driven in a while.

I don't have my car with me on campus.

2. Alright, one-woman concerts here I go.


3. Wait, when was that added to town?

When did we get a Swenson's?

4. It feels weird that I'm driving around while everyone in the school district is still in school.

Until next week.

5. OK, I want lunch but where?

What restaurants are here again?

6. Hey, person in front of me, the light is green!

Trying not to road rage...

7. Oh look there's that one place where (insert memory here).

The one place where we went to hang out after football games, where we went to shop, the memories are endless.

8. Wait I got to go back to high school...

At least it's only to go pick up my brother.

9. I always really found driving peaceful.

I'm glad I got to do this drive...

10. But I still have to pick up my brother...

He's getting the car tomorrow.