If you live in a few select states, all located south of the Mason-Dixon line, you've probably been to or at least heard of the extremely popular phenomenon: Cook Out. This chain fast-food restaurant serves up all of your favorite "cook-out" items in a fast and friendly manner. Not only is it quick, it's relatively inexpensive for the amount of food you end up with, so it's a big hit with the millennial generation. Here are ten thoughts that everyone has had at some point while at their local Cook Out.

1. "Can I get one of each kind of milkshake?"

These shakes are to die for, but there are so many flavors, it's hard to pick just one to complete your meal.

2. "Will I ever make it out of this long drive-thru line?"

Cook Out is popular, which means it's busy pretty much all of the time. It can be hard to even see the store from the end of the drive thru line sometimes, but have no fear: you should be out of there in no time.

3. "How is all of this food really this cheap?"

The quality of the food is like, really good. The small amount of money you spend for the large amount of good food that you end up with can be completely and utterly mind blowing during your visit.

4. "Should I get a tray or just a bunch of single items?"

The correct answer to this question normally correlates with how hungry you might be. On the expense side, however, your best bet is to get a tray.

5. "This is the best burger I have ever tasted."

It's insane how good they are, it really does taste like you're in someone's backyard at a fourth-of-July party eating a burger fresh off of their dad's old charcoal grill.

6. "I can't get this shake to go through the straw."

A milkshake made with real soft serve ice cream is going to be thick, so you better use that spoon that they give you instead of trying to mess with a straw. After you let it melt a little bit, though, you should be good to go (if you can wait that long, that is).

7. "Every fast food restaurant should have Cheerwine."

This is such an accurate statement for such an underrated soda. Cheerwine is literally heaven in a perfect little styrofoam cup. Don't even get me started on a Cheerwine ice cream float. *swoons*

8. "Did I just gain 10 pounds?"

No, you probably didn't. (You might have gained one or two, though.)

9. "Would it be weird for me to come back for dinner?"

It's only as weird as you let it be. Embrace the Cook Out love.

10."I could marry these fries and be completely happy for all eternity."

Those fries are so great. So, so great.