10 Thoughts All AP Students Have In The Month Of May

Hellooo AP Students! It's officially May and you know what that means...

Okay okay no Justin it already IS May. I'm talking about, you guessed it, the dreaded month of AP tests. Yes, the 8 am tests that you're barely awake for, and the afternoon tests that are just the perfect way to end 6 hours of classes. The one (somewhat) comforting part about the month of AP tests is the fact that all students taking AP classes are in it together.

Here are 10 thoughts that all AP students know all too well in the month of May:

1. There's still plenty of time!

You start the month optimistic, mostly because you have no other choice. Sure the school year is winding down, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to find time to study for your AP tests! ... Right?


YEP. Two weeks until your test and your teacher finally decides to tell you the exact date of it. Time is ticking, and you have no idea how the tests crept up on you... again.

3. Okay, cram time.

Because you can totally learn a year's worth of material in less than 14 days, right? RIGHT?

4. I. Never. Learned. This.

You try to study, only to realize that you remember maybe a solid 25% of the material.

5. This is all my teacher's fault. We've barely reviewed!

Of course, the classic "blame it on the teacher" tactic. There's no way YOU could be at fault for not knowing the material... obviously.

6. I should've bought an AP review book...

You do remember your teacher mentioning something about AP test review books... and you do remember specifically thinking a review book was silly and useless. It's possible you were wrong...

7. Whatever. I just won't send my test scores to colleges.

If you fail, you can just not send your test scores. It'll be like ~ it never happened ~!

8. It's the night before... let's see what I can do...

The night before each exam, you actually take studying seriously. You can do this. You'll review what you can, and you'll try your best.

9. During Exam:

10. After Exam:

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