For any Penn Stater the worst thing that can happen is not being at Penn State for Arts Fest. Daylongs, frat parties, and walking through the festival activities is something that has every student and alumni coming back to State College in the middle of July. But with summer comes jobs and other commitments, keeping some Nittany Lions at home instead of enjoying the festivities of this fun annual weekend.

If you're a fellow Penn Stater who found themselves at home (like yours truly), then you probably experience all the same feelings and emotions that I did, such as:

1. Avoiding Snapchat Stories

By not checking Snapchat story updates, I can convince yourself that no one is having fun and I'n not missing out. I know if I do not live in total isolation, there is not convincing myself of these lies.

2. Looking at your group message with all of your PSU friends and feeling uncontrollable anger

Just ignoring the group chat conversations for the weekend, I don't need to hear about who saw who at what frat. I also don't need to hear about the funny moments or the new inside jokes. Keep me on the outside this weekend.

3. Constantly considering making a last minute decision to go to State College

"I could get a Megabus ticket and then Uber around... I already have a tent so I can camp out on Old Main lawn right?"

4. Quickly realizing you have responsibilities and can't leave home

This isn't college and I can't just get up and go out? I have to work? Depressing.

5. Getting mad at your hometown for not being Penn State... or having frats

My hometown is boring and I want to go back to State right now.

6. Dreading the Facebook pictures that will be uploaded Monday

I'm unfriending everyone.

7. Deleting Instagram

I don't need that negativity in my life anyway.

8. Promising yourself that you'll go to Arts Fest next summer

My bags are pretty much already packed and my rooms already lined up. There will be no stopping me.

9. Binge watching Netflix all weekend to drown out the "I'm not at arts fest" woes

If I re-watch all of Orange is the New Black I'll completely forget that all my friends are currently at my favorite place ever doing fun things without me HAHAHAHAHAH I'm fine.

10. Counting down the days until you're back at State

Five weeks and five days but who's counting, right?