10 One-Liners College Friends Exchange When Sent Home Due To A Natural Disaster

10 One-Liners College Friends Exchange When Sent Home Due To A Natural Disaster

We had to go home for some Hurricane.

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Recently my college town took a long week intermission due to Hurricane Irma sending most of our student body to all different states.

Evacuating from your college is top 5 most inconvenient and scary things you will ever have to do, mark my words.

Having a hurricane come barreling through you state is defiantly not all fun and games though. Hurricane Irma left people homeless, distraught and some still are without power.Luckily the city of Tampa was able to keep standing tall and I am forever grateful to have a school to go back to whereas some do not. But it also brought on spontaneous trips that you might have never made if it weren't for this, or even brought you home to loved ones.

For my friend group and I, we ended up completely separated, some of us home and some of us in other states sleeping in hotels night after night. And if you've ever had to go home and be separated from your college friends you know it is not easy.

Here are the 10 ridiculous things my friends and I said to each other while being home due to Hurricane Irma:

1. "I'm Bored"

When you are home from college you are literally alone, all your friends from home are at their college so you have no friends, most likely no car, and your parents are at work. Being home from college actually is top 5 worst things to happen to a college student. (dramatic!!!)

2. "Hey miss you"

Your college-friend group chat is blowing up your phone all hours of the day simply because you all miss each other so much.

3. "FaceTime me!"

Being with your college friends every single waking minute does not prepare you for random week long separations from them. We all literally Face timed each other multiple times per day.

4. "I can't wait until were back at school"

You find yourself saying this every 5 minutes, because when you're away you truly realize how much you love your life at school way more than being home..

5. "I hope we can even go back to school"

There is always that person in the group chat that overestimates the natural disaster....

6. "My mom is being so annoying, ugh."

We are not handling having parents again well thats for sure.

7. "Ive been on hold with JetBlue for an hour now."

Going home for a natural disaster means trying to get back as soon as possible.

8. "We are getting trashed when we get back."

You better believe we are getting off a plane and going straight to happy hour.

9. "Want to get chipotle when we get back?"

Clearly we have our priorities in line.

10. "If my professor thinks I'm doing this assignment he's insane."

We just evacuated because of a hurricane, so no I will not be handing in that paper on time.

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