6 Things You Only Notice About Your Nashville Neighborhood After 20 Days in Quarantine
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6 Things You Only Notice About Your Nashville Neighborhood After 20 Days in Quarantine

It's amazing the things you realize when you don't leave the house.

6 Things You Only Notice About Your Nashville Neighborhood After 20 Days in Quarantine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting everything in the world right now, including where you go, or more specifically, DON'T GO.

Sure you might be where you grew up, or where you go to school, but being quarantined in that location might make you notice things about it that you never have before.

Ahh what a time to be alive. Though this has been a very scary and unknowing time for people, we are actually living in history right now. One day, a kid will be in their third period history class reading in their textbook about how a pandemic struck the world and everyone had to hideaway in isolation. The kid might be shocked that something so crazy happened to the world, but right now we are the ones that are going to remember it and how it all felt.

1. I had more neighbors than I thought

Going on routine walks and runs there is something so profound I have noticed, I have finally seen all my neighbors out and about. Who knew there were so many families and cute little elderly couples.

2. Kids have some cool toys

Kids have been rolling down the streets with their automatic scooters and golf carts (of course that's legal right?)

3. Bears are put out in front of homes

I started noticing that homes were placing giant bears and other large stuffed animals in front of their homes. At first I was totally confused but I realized they were doing it for all the little kids so they had something to look at on their walks!

4. Yards are mowed

That tall grass that has never been cut and looks nasty all the time has finally been chopped! All of the free time has gotten people to take care of those pesky outdoor tasks.

5. People wave at me

Everyone seems to have craved more human connection and as a result people are smiling or waving back at me now more than ever because of the circumstances. I love it!

6. People are putting wild signs in their front yards

With the lack of human interaction happening, people have found new ways to share exciting news happening in their life. Whether it's a birthday or a gender reveal, people have bought massive signs that tell people to honk away to join in on the fun.

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