10 Things You Know to Be True in the Speech Community

10 Things You Know to Be True in the Speech Community

You know you're a speech kid when...

Marty Feeney

This weekend, I attended my first speech and debate tournament of the season. I spent my weekend with my wonderful teammates. Competing is an amazing experience, and I love being with my Speech and Debate team. I know we will support each other through the season, and help each other become the best we can possibly become. I hope you can relate to some of these things, or at least find them entertaining, even if you are on the debate side of the activity!

1 .You get up at 4:30 in the morning to compete.

Interp. book? Check. Suit? Check. Bobbi pins? Check.

2. You cut at least three scenes from your piece only to have it go over time again.

How is that even possible?

3. You secretly love all of the cheesy warm up tongue twisters.

“Unique New York, unique New York, you know you need Unique New York.”

4. You spend infinity perfecting your bookwork.

Present. Reflect. In character.

5. You own at least one suit.

And it’s perfect.

6. The fellow competitors in your round are incredibly supportive.

Those smiles and nods save my life.

7. You may have to run across campus if you are double entered.

“May I please be excused to my next event?”

8. You may know people by their pieces, not by their names.

“That’s the girl that does that one DI about the one thing!”

9. You bond with your teammates.

I just spent 48 hours with the same people. You have to learn to love each other.

10. Breaking or not, you had fun competing.

You’ll be even better for the next tournament!

I hope some of my readers can relate to these things! And if not, enjoy the things I experience each season! I am happy to be involved in this wonderful activity. Speech is all about having fun with your piece, and if you've done that, you have succeeded!

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