You start off as a baby and your mom is your source of survival. You grow a bit and your mom is still pretty much the only person you are around. As you get older, you start being "embarrassed" by your mom and are too overwhelmed with puberty and middle school to take the time to appreciate her. High school rolls around and more fights start to occur as you begin to attain some freedom. And then you leave for college, and somehow, your mom becomes your very best friend.

1. Breaks become exciting 99% because you get to see your mom

Yeah, you're pumped about not having homework and responsibilities but you're mostly pumped for catching up on your TV shows or going out shopping with your mom.

2. You text her at least once a day, or you definitely will feel off

More often than not, you need her for at least something once in a day. If not, it is very important that she know what you got on your test or if you're annoyed with someone today.

3. When you're bored you just give your mom a phone call

Walking to your car at night or just hanging at home, no one is better to talk to than your mom.

4. You've learned more about her pre-you life since you've been in college than you did your entire life

In your earlier life you always knew your mom at a very surface level, but as you've grown up and become friends along with mother and daughter, you've learned that she's even better than you initially thought.

5. You're not one of those people who is disappointed when they finally get a text and its from mom

If I'm not getting any texts and my phone buzzes and the contact name is "Mom" you bet your ass I'm excited.

6. When other people talk badly about their moms you start to feel genuinely sad

Either for the person who doesn't have an unbreakable relationship with their mom, or for the mom because you believe that all mothers are miraculous angels.

7. And there's nothing like finding another mom-obsessed friend

You can finally stop feeling like the weirdo that thinks their mom is the greatest thing in the entire world when you meet someone else who feels the same about theirs.

8. You have realized you can tell her everything, even the stuff she probably doesn't want to know

No matter what, she is there to listen... Even if she'd honestly rather you keep it a secret.

9. You are much more appreciative of all she's done for you now that you're on your own

Now that you have to cook your own meals and live by yourself, you're so thankful for all those times she did your laundry or woke you up for school.

10. You never realized how much you love her until you left

You don't know what you've got until its gone, and you truly never understood how amazing your mother is until you moved away. You may miss her, but she has done her job and made you into the person you are out on your own becoming.

Love you, mom!