10 Things You Know If Your Mom Became Your Best Friend In College

10 Things You Know If Your Mom Became Your Best Friend In College

It took you 18 years to realize she's the greatest.

You start off as a baby and your mom is your source of survival. You grow a bit and your mom is still pretty much the only person you are around. As you get older, you start being "embarrassed" by your mom and are too overwhelmed with puberty and middle school to take the time to appreciate her. High school rolls around and more fights start to occur as you begin to attain some freedom. And then you leave for college, and somehow, your mom becomes your very best friend.

1. Breaks become exciting 99% because you get to see your mom

Yeah, you're pumped about not having homework and responsibilities but you're mostly pumped for catching up on your TV shows or going out shopping with your mom.

2. You text her at least once a day, or you definitely will feel off

More often than not, you need her for at least something once in a day. If not, it is very important that she know what you got on your test or if you're annoyed with someone today.

3. When you're bored you just give your mom a phone call

Walking to your car at night or just hanging at home, no one is better to talk to than your mom.

4. You've learned more about her pre-you life since you've been in college than you did your entire life

In your earlier life you always knew your mom at a very surface level, but as you've grown up and become friends along with mother and daughter, you've learned that she's even better than you initially thought.

5. You're not one of those people who is disappointed when they finally get a text and its from mom

If I'm not getting any texts and my phone buzzes and the contact name is "Mom" you bet your ass I'm excited.

6. When other people talk badly about their moms you start to feel genuinely sad

Either for the person who doesn't have an unbreakable relationship with their mom, or for the mom because you believe that all mothers are miraculous angels.

7. And there's nothing like finding another mom-obsessed friend

You can finally stop feeling like the weirdo that thinks their mom is the greatest thing in the entire world when you meet someone else who feels the same about theirs.

8. You have realized you can tell her everything, even the stuff she probably doesn't want to know

No matter what, she is there to listen... Even if she'd honestly rather you keep it a secret.

9. You are much more appreciative of all she's done for you now that you're on your own

Now that you have to cook your own meals and live by yourself, you're so thankful for all those times she did your laundry or woke you up for school.

10. You never realized how much you love her until you left

You don't know what you've got until its gone, and you truly never understood how amazing your mother is until you moved away. You may miss her, but she has done her job and made you into the person you are out on your own becoming.

Love you, mom!

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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An In Depth Description Of Janelle Monáe

A story-line that we all can learn from.

Without a doubt, one of the most underrated artists of our time. Janelle Monáe is an artist that has managed to create an entire alternate universe based on her alter ego, Cindi Mayweather.

To be able to manage creating a concept series of albums that tell a thorough, Afro-Futurism narrative is extremely difficult, only adding to the amazing mind of Monáe. This takes intense thought processes that consist of forethought, creative control and time.

Janelle Monáe expresses herself through her music in a new, creative and unique way that sets her apart from just about every musician today. Her albums all correlate and tell a Metropolis inspired story of a female futuristic character that experiences divides and struggles.

She begins her introduction of her character with her first EP, "Metropolis: The Chase Suite" explaining how she is an android and has fallen in love with a human which is against android rules.

While on the run from disassembly for being in love with a human, her character, Cindi Mayweather realizes she is the sole savior who is suppose to unite the humans and the androids.

What amazes me about the story Janelle Monáe is telling, is how she's using a sci-fi inspired narrative to make a reference to the different cultural and political issues we face in today's world.

This point can be backed up with her albums, "The AcrhAndroid" and "The Electric Lady" which provides a further description of Cindi and how she (Monáe) uses these projects as a representation of people of color and the LGBTQ community.

Monáe has even quoted, “I don’t make music for kings or queens, I make music for regular people. I wear my black and white uniform to pay homage to those who are working every single day like my mother and father…I represent the working class and I try to create songs that are uplifting because this world can drive you insane, which is why I try to create songs like ‘Tightrope’ and ‘Cold War’. To give them inspiration on how to deal with balance and how to realize your strengths.”

Listening to her concept albums in a standard order allows a better understanding of the many references she makes.

What's even better about Monáe's structure of her albums is the fact she lets the listener choose their own level of engagement, which makes the album something you have to continuously come back to while also appreciating the creativity behind it in different ways.

Monáe provides multiple music videos that give her audience a visual element to add references to her overall aesthetic. Luckily, Monáe has just announced a further section to her detailed storyline by recently releasing a trailer for her upcoming album.

I recommend everyone takes the time to listen and to study these amazing pieces of work. I'm excited for what else we can discover and how she continues to expand on her plot.

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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The Russian, The Redhead, And The Lawyer: A Short Story

Taxi! Taxi!

This piece was based off an assignment for a creative writing class.

"Mine! This is mine!" The redhead is waving her hands in the air at the Russian and the lawyer, all three gathered at yellow cab. Inside the taxi driver is smoking a cigarette, listening to an audio nook, and is growing impatient by the second.

"Miss, actually," The lawyer speaks up with a clear, professional voice. "I believe that I actually signaled first."

Inside the cab, the driver flips on the taximeter and switches from cigarette to weed. Back on the street, the brawl continues. Now the Russian is growling, backing the lawyer against the taxi.

"Really, because, um, no you didn't. I was watching you sir, and no. This is my taxi, okay?" The redhead is still yelling at the lawyer that is being pushed by the Russian.

"Okay sir, I am the most high-profile lawyer in New York. I have a court case in 25 minutes, do not intimidate me!"

The Russian takes a deep breath, pushes up the sleeve of his sweater, and begins yelling in a thick Moscow accent. Everyone within a 5-mile radius stops in shock but decides to mind their own business when they see the vein blue out of his forehead.

"Guys, boys! No!" The redhead wedges herself between a man in a suit and Putin look-a-like.

"We can share the cab! Okay! Okay!" She looks back at the Russian that towers over her and then to the lawyer that is probably peeing his pants. Both are nodding in their own right.

"Igor, I'm assuming that's your name, you can sit up front! Okay? You can sit up front!"

But the lawyer doesn't agree with this and he throws his hands in the air, shaking his head in protest.

"Nope, I do not ride backseat."

The Russian puffs out his chest ready to fight the yuppie and redhead is standing between them again.

"Listen, we all have some place to be! We all called for a cab! Let's just get in it and we can figure it out! Okay?"

"My cab!" The Russian points to the taxi with a huge fist, the type of fist you get when you like 300 pounds every day.

"Sir, we all saw me call for the taxi first. It pulled up to me then you and this redhead tried to assault me!"

"Okay! You know what? First off, no! I did not 'assault' you, Mr. High Profile Lawyer!" The redhead throws her hands into the air in frustration.

Next to the three strangers, a young couple is running down the street yelling out "taxi!" The strangers glance at the sight, all rolling their eyes, and then ignores them.

"Fine, you know what? Igor and you can argue about this cab! I have somewhere to be!"

"Well so do I! I have court in 40 minutes!"

The Russian snorts.

"Two minutes ago you said it was 25!" Yells out the redhead.

As the Russian, the redhead, and the lawyer began again the couple spots the parked taxi. Their faces light up as they hop into the cab, unknowing that the taximeter has been running for over five minutes.

The redhead opens her mouth to speak, the Russian starts to laugh, and the lawyer stands with a confused face. The three strangers that have been arguing on the street for what seems like eternity then shake hands and go their separate ways.

Cover Image Credit: Jeshoots

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