It's never easy to say goodbye to someone. Last night, I had to say goodbye to my roommate, as she leaves for France in a matter of weeks. We played it cool - avoiding the elephant in the room and instead opting for funny conversation and recounting the ridiculous memories that we have accumulated over the past two years. When the dreaded goodbye finally arrived, it was odd, as neither of us felt it was truly real. However, as I drove away, I couldn't combat the sinking feeling that hit me. So if you're like me, and are dreading spending time apart from your roommate, here are 10 things that you are likely to experience when your roommate decides to study abroad.

1. Shock

You're leaving me?

2. Denial

Abroad? What's that?

3. Anger

What's so good about Europe, anyway?

4. Sadness

I won't get to watch Lifetime movie marathons with her anymore...

5. Anxiety

What if she makes really cool French friends? What if she decides to stay there forever?!

6. Envy

She gets to have so much fun exploring and french clubbing...

7. Neglect

How can she just leave me here?

8. Nostalgia

I remember when we used to wake up on Sundays and watch Netflix and avoid the library until at least four p.m.

9. Acceptance

Even though you want to be selfish, at the end of the day, you have to be happy for your roomie and the awesome time they're going to have.

10. Excitement

You get to stalk her pictures and live vicariously through her. Plus, you could even plan a trip to visit!