There are just some things you can't do with someone who isn't your best friend. Having a best friend or someone who is so close to you that you can call late at night for no reason is always amazing. However, despite the late night calls to calm you down while you cram for an exam, there are other things that you can only do with a best friend.

1. Walking into their house.

When they say "the door is open" you burst in yelling "Honey! I'm home!!"

2. Pet names for one another.

When you see them you can't help but say the weird nickname you gave them. Judgement aside, as long as no one is near.

3. Peeing- with the door open.

At this point, it's like white noise.

4. Falling asleep on one another.

If you fall asleep on them, they aren't going to wake you up very pleasantly.

5. Telling each other everything...literally everything.

There is no such thing as "too much".

6. Calling because you miss them so much.

"Hi, I miss your face."

7. Texting them and telling them you're coming to get them, no questions asked.

Get in the car- we're going out.

8. Going in the kitchen to get food without asking.

"Dude, you have so much food in your fridge."

9. Having the weirdest conversations that no one would understand.

But you don't dare have them in the daylight. They are the worst at 3am, laying in bed, with no light.

10. They're family.

Regardless of how weird they are, you love them. They're family to you. Honestly, you don't know where you would be without them.