As the semester is coming to a close and my time as a college student is ending, I was inspired to write what I would change about my freshman year. I can't believe I am done with classes in just a few weeks and begin my internship before becoming a real life adult. College goes by in a blink of an eye and I wish I would have just taken advantage of every opportunity I had as a freshman.

Here is what I would change about my freshman year:

1. Dump my high school boyfriend

Little did I know, that boy was going to take up all of my time freshman (and sophomore) year and prevent me from making friends or stepping outside of my comfort zone. I wish I would have gone into college single that way I could have made more friends and done things I had never done.

2. Not cut off all of my hair a month before move in

Idiot me decided to cut 12 inches off of my hair right before moving in so not only did I look like a boy, but I looked like a scared boy who didn't know how to dress because I was so used to wearing sweats and t-shirts every day in high school. Bad mistake. I needed my hair.

3. Eat Salads

Freshman 15 (in my case 25) is real people. Instead of buying candy and soda every day, I wish I would have ventured to the salad line every now and then.

4. Workout More

The student recreation center charges at least $80 a semester and I'm pretty sure I visited the rec center 2 times and that was to get lunch at Quiznos. I wish I would have actually gotten my money's worth.

5. Tried out for things instead of being scared

In high school, I did a lot of singing and musicals. I wish I would have gone to college and actually tried out for some of the singing groups instead of throwing all those years of choir and passion out of the window just because I didn't think I was good enough.

6. Hung out with people in my residence hall

I always hear of stories where people are best friends with the people on their floor from freshman year for forever, but instead, I spent all of my time at my boyfriend's hall full of boys. Needless to say, I made very few friends from my hall.

7. Took advantage of that stupid meal swipe

Since I haven't had a meal swipe in 3 years, I am jealous of every person that gets to go and buy $8.20 worth of food every meal and not feel bad about it. Now, when I buy a $1.60 bottle of soda I feel bad. I wish I would have actually taken advantage of that and used every penny and every swipe instead of letting them go to waste.

8. Actually have gone to the library

Coming from being a high school senior, I thought college was going to be a breeze and I wouldn't need to study. Freshman year was the worst year of my life academically. I wish I would have actually focused on my studies and taken school seriously because the last couple of years I've had to work my butt off to get my GPA up.

9. Tried out greek life

I was so against going greek because I wasn't much of a sorority girl. But I wish I would have just given it a try to see where I'd be placed and see if I would have loved it as much as everyone else does.

10. Embraced the first year and enjoyed every minute

College goes so fast and you don't realize that your freshman year. I wish I would have actually gone out and done things instead of hiding away in fear of everyone else and their judgment. This is supposed to be some of the best years of my life. I just wish I would have known that then.

You freshmen out there, don't take it for granted. Coming from a senior, who only has 2 more weeks on campus, it goes by quicker than you could ever imagine. Live it up. These are some of the best years of your life.