10 Things To Want For Yourself In The New Year

When it comes time for a New Year, some of us tend to stray away from New Years resolutions since they can be cliché and lets be real here, most of us don't go through with them. Instead, its important to have visions on who you want to be in the New Year, and take steps in order to become a better you.

1. To see the good in every situation.

People are so quick to say they wish they could be happy every second of the day. Although, when life throws curveballs it can be difficult to stay happy during every moment. I think its important to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It's important to recognize that whatever negative situation is happening in your life, it isn't the end. To remember that there's always a way to get through it, whether its the support of friends and family or its reassuring yourself. Trying to see the positives in a negative situation will lead to a happier life and a more positive outlook.

2. To stop avoiding the inevitable.

Some things are unavoidable in life and we tend to run away from these things, especially if its seen as a threat. For 2018, you should accept the things in life that are inevitable, and accept what life has to offer instead of trying to make changes to it. To trust and start believing that everything happens for a reason.

3. To ask for help when you need it.

We tend to use the excuse, "I'll get over it", and try and move on but it isn't that easy. It's important to learn self awareness in order to recognize when you're feeling off, either physically or mentally. It is important to educate yourself on the resources you have in your life. For example, a campus resource like a health center if you're feeling down, or reaching out to a friend or family member.

4. Accept loneliness.

In high school, I told myself I needed to surround myself with a lot of people in order to be "whole". I quickly realized my senior year of high school I was wrong. Friends became fake as high school went on, and I ended up with a very small friend group that I was happy with. As I approached college, I came in with this new and improved mindset of the importance of having a few really good friends, instead of having a bunch of ones that are going to end up hurting you in the end. Therefore, it is important to recognize that having a large number of those in your life isn't going to make your brokenness whole again, only you can. It's important to take the time to be okay with being alone, and embracing this alone time to learn more about yourself, which is an important milestone on the journey of loving oneself.

5. Self Care.

This can be simple, like going to your annual doctors appointments, or washing your face twice a day. Although, it can be deeper then that. It is important to recognize the fact that if your mental health is weak, your body will also grow weak. It is important to take care of both the body and mind since they coexist together. In 2018, you can find ways in order to make yourself feel physically healthy and mentally well. For example, meditation. Its important to find your thing, to find your outlet.

6. Accept your flaws.

It's important not to dwell on your flaws, but recognize them in order to become a better you. Dwelling on your flaws will be toxic to your mental health, its important to focus on the growth process of making your flaws things you love about yourself.

7. Relax.

In 2018, you should take more time for yourself in order to get to know yourself more. Being someone with anxiety, I have struggled with the fear of being alone and tend to be anxious while being alone. But even with days consisting of studying for hours on end, I make sure I have at least one day a week of pampering myself filled with face masks, listening to Demi Lovato, and binge watching Netflix. Relaxing will help you get away from reality for a while.

8. To trust.

Its good to not only trust the people around you that love and care about you, but trust yourself. If you tend to be an indecisive person like me, its hard to trust yourself and the decisions you're making. Although, in whatever you're doing in life, trust the process and hope for the best. Trust is the foundation of all relationships in life; with people, and yourself.

9. Take risks.

I know its scary to take risks, and extremely intimidating to do so. Even if so, its important to take risks because you never know the outcome. Don't let fear of failure influence you to run away from taking a risk that could significantly impact your life for the better. You won't know if it'll be good for you unless you try.

10. To put yourself first.

Make yourself your main priority. To make sure everything you chose to do is for yourself. If you want to say no to plans and lay in bed and binge watch Netflix all day, do it. Choose the life you want to live, and put yourself first while doing so.

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