Ash Wednesday was on March 1st, which means us Catholics have had to start thinking about what we should give up for lent this season. As kids, we were told to give up sweets and sodas, but now it's a little more complicated. As we get older, we should start taking the Lenten season more seriously and give up something more meaningful. Here are ten things you could give up this Lenten season!

1. Procrastinating

Something we are all guilty of and say we will improve on but never do. Just try for this Lenten season to not procrastinate. It will be tough at times, but you will thank yourself in the long run. And if it goes well, you might be able to keep it up after lent!

2. Cursing

Shoot, this will be a hard one. Sometimes it just slips out, but really try for this Lenten season to avoid using curse words.

3. Worry

Worrying can be one of the most negative attributes a person can have, because your fears are taking you away from doing something you want to do. Stop worrying, persevere, and you can do anything you put your mind to.

4. Social media

Now this one will be a really tough one. Sometimes, you can't fully give up social media because of your work or organizations you are apart of. However, try to spend less time on social media and more time with friends and family face-to-face.

5. Calling yourself fat

The main reason we are giving things up for Lent is because of the sacrifices Jesus made. It is said in the Bible that we are created in the image of God, which means that we are all perfect and beautiful the way we are. So, calling ourselves fat is going against God's will. Try to avoid calling yourself fat these next couple weeks, and you will develop a self love for yourself that everyone deserves.

6. Gossip

You know what they say about can lead to many rumors, fights and people getting hurt. Try to spread love and peace rather than hatred.

7. Negativity

Try and be more positive these next couple weeks. Negativity only brings you down and your self worth down with it.

8. Binge watching TV

Everyone needs a binge watching session every now and then. But nowadays, people binge watch TV excessively, missing out on all of life's opportunities. Put down the remote and see what there is to offer outside of your TV screen.

9. Being selfish

Selfishness is an ugly trait. It will lead you down the wrong path. Try to avoid it as much as possible and help out others before yourself.

10. The past

When you continue to hold on to the past, you are not letting yourself move on to the future. Letting go of past events will open more doors for you, will help you change our outlook on life and will mold you into a better person.

If after reading through this list you still can't find anything to give up, just always remember: what would Jesus do?