10 Things to Do When You're Stressed About Finals

10 Things to Do When You're Stressed About Finals

There's a reason we call it hell week. Here's some tips to get through it.

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There's a reason they call it Hell Week, folks.

Ah, finals week. That impossible obstacle that is keeping you from a long awaited Winter Break and Christmas (or other holiday celebrations). Finals are a source of stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation, often referred to Hell Week by many students at Denison. To help you, and in the spirit of procrastination for you dear readers and this writer, here are 10 things to do when you're stressed about finals.

1. Watch a short YouTube video.

A 5-15 minute break won't kill you or keep you from completing the assignment (as long as you didn't wait to start until three hours before the deadline). Small breaks can increase productivity.

2. Listen to music.

Music can help clear your mind, if your thoughts are jumbled and you can't concentrate, and some bands and songs are just great stress-reliever.

3. Sleep.

We never to rejuvenate. Stressing about finals is draining and staying up late on a lot of caffeine will take its toll. Either go to bed earlier so you are well rested or indulge and take a nap. You'll be rested and ready to focus.

4. Exercise.

Exercise is a good way of relieving tension, whether it's walking for a half-hour, lifting weights, or shooting hoops, all exercise is helpful.

5. Or, better yet, watch an episode or movie on Netflix or Hulu.

Everyone has a favorite show or movie that helps distract from a whole lot of stress, and odds are if you're in college, you need to catch up on a few episodes (or seasons *cough*) anyway.

6. Cook a delicious meal (or simply eat).

Sometimes you need to refuel either with a healthy or not so healthy option.

7. Drink coffee, hit chocolate, or tea.

Many find solace in a hot beverage which can soothe and also energize you.

8. Get some holiday shopping done online.

You're procrastinating for a cause. If you do it online, that'll be that much less you have to do at home.

9. Read a novel that's non related to school.

Reading a well-loved or intriguing book can be a great stress-reliever

10. Actually do the freaking assignment.

For some, the best stress reliever is getting the assignment done and finishing finals!

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