10 Things You Can Do This Summer

10 Spontaneous Things To Do This Summer

Try everything and anything!!


This summer, live it to its potential! Life isn't all work and no play. Make sure to give yourself some time to be silly and explore.

Here are a bunch of things you can do this summer, that are guaranteed fun:

1. Go on a restaurant road trip. 

Make a restaurant bucket list and visit every restaurant on it. Try everything you've heard from people that are good. If it's not near by, make it a trip to go to that location and maybe explore the area with it. Food is always worth it. Correction: GOOD food is always worth it.

2. Visit a local music hot spot. 

You'd be surprised of the liveliness in your own little towns with local musicians. Check them out and open your appreciation for some nice live music.

3. Have a water balloon fight.

Fill these babies with water and or paint and have a blast. Water balloon fights or darts with paint (with a backboard) #princessdiariesinspired

4. Spend a day at the beach. 

This is an obvious one. But, maybe going at different times can prove to be different. The sun and sky differ in color, the air is different, and the people are different too. Give it a shot. What's one early morning or one late night?

5. Find a pen pal. 

This one is something I just did recently, because why not?! Send a handwritten letter to all of your current friends, and maybe anyone you have lost touch with. Become pen pals! It's pleasantly therapeutic and it's just nice to have letters in the mail that aren't ads or bills.

6. Say yes to something you’re scared of. 

Try surfing. Take up some music lessons. Text that person you've been wanting to text! Make some connections. Go on that interview! Push yourself!!!

7. READ! 

Get into a book series! Get lost into another world besides your own and enjoy. Even if you hate reading, make a goal to try to read one book that may prove to be interesting to you. Be open minded and relax. If you have a 200 page book, you can even read at a pace of 2 pages a day. It'll be complete someday. Get it started now.

8. Have a movie marathon. 

Get your buddies together and just let these movies run on and on. It will be the best of the best. Snacks and drinks will be a plus!

9. Make a bonfire. 

THIS IS THE BEST! Some memorable summer nights! Get a bonfire going with a bunch of friends, get some music playing, drink, and talk the night away. Play some charades, tell ghost stories, or just chill. It's a definite good time.

10. Write.

Log everything you do. Stick a cute polaroid pic next to it! Make a scrap book. Get creative! It will be nice to look back on these memories without having to scroll through pictures on your phone!

Take a chance on everything. Let yourself explore things you never have "time" for. Make time. Make it last. Make it memorable.

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I'm Almost A Junior And I Just Changed My Major

We can raise up and encourage engineering majors without pushing down those who choose to pursue humanities. We can create an environment that nurtures all students and makes everyone feel important.


A week ago today, I changed my major.

It wasn't some long winded build up, where my friends and family knew that I was going to change it. I didn't deliberate over it for weeks and weeks. I had lunch with my dad on a Sunday, and a few days later I walked out of the advising office with an entirely new major and, in some ways, an entirely new perspective.

I changed my major for me and no one else. I changed my major because I wanted to. I changed my major because it felt right.

So, why was I so apprehensive? Why did I immediately feel a bit of fear and regret along with my new perspective?

I changed my major from Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Physiology to Women's Studies. Granted, I am still pre-med, and my dreams of becoming an OBGYN and providing non-profit healthcare across the globe are still alive and healthy. I also picked up a minor in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance in the process. But, for some reason, the idea of telling others that I am a Women's Studies major made me so, incredibly apprehensive.

I know this is a bit dumb. But people are quick to define others based off of their major. In college, one of the first questions we ask people is "what's your major". It becomes so repetitive to the point where it begins to represent you as a person. While our majors are important, they do not define us. Our world glorifies engineering majors, and STEM, and looks down upon those who want to pursue a different route. But, I think that Black Feminist and Womanist Theory is just as important as Aerodynamics. And I think that other's should, too. We can raise up and encourage engineering majors without pushing down those who choose to pursue humanities. We can create an environment that nurtures all students and makes everyone feel important.

I am still taking classes like biochemistry and physics. But, I am also taking classes like "Women in Islam", and I would argue that those classes are just as (if not more) important as the sciences. I'm proud to be a Women's Studies major, and I am proud to pursue topics that I am passionate about and that fit me, rather than what society tells me I should pursue.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Sudan Crisis- And What You Can Do To Help

Now is not the time to remain silent.


Sudan Military Kills Over 100 Peaceful Protesters | NowThis www.youtube.com

Turmoil is spreading in Sudan as civilians are being massacred left and right, but few are aware of the details leading up to and regarding the calamity. Here is everything you need to know about the crisis in Sudan.

Civilians began to protest against President Omar al-Bashir as his presidency was one of violence and suffering. Under his rule, thousands of villagers were murdered by the government militia in 2003, and millions of Sudanese people were displaced from their homes. While the president was charged with genocide and war crimes, the charges were dropped when the government failed to get support from the UN. Bashir was again arrested in April 2019, after three decades of rule and several large protests.

After his rule came to an end, the people demanded a democracy, and smaller, peaceful protests eventually merged into a mass civil disobedience. Sudanese authorities banned social media and cut internet and mobile data in the capital of Sudan. Recently, soldiers have begun to open fire on crowds of protestors, rape women and men, and beat the protestors that remained on the streets. So far, it is estimated that over 100 people have been killed, 70 raped, and 700 injured. Among these numbers are hundreds of young children.

These people have no access to the outside world, or basic necessities like food and water. Instead of remaining silent and waiting for our country to step in, do your part and 1. Share this article informing others of the crisis 2. Sign this petition demanding the UN investigate this atrocity 3. Donate something to this GoFundMe raising money for Sudanese medical aid. Every share, signature and donation can and will make a difference.

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