10 Things They Somehow Never Tell You About Going To College

10 Things They Somehow Never Tell You About Going To College

Some people handle it differently. It only matters if you handle it.

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All I had ever dreamed of was leaving my small hometown and going to college in a big city. When I reached decision day, I realized it wasn't all about the big city life which I thought I wanted for, well, ever. It was about what made me feel at ease and like I belonged there. I chose Tuscaloosa as my new home for the next four years, roughly.

However, I had this great picture in my head of how college was going to be for me and when I got here and settled in, I realized that I had been wrong all along. Not to burst your perfect bubble, but here's 9 things they don't tell you about going to college.

1. Don't schedule any classes, if possible, before 10 am.

Okay, well maybe they do tell you this... in a way. Honestly, I had classes before 10 am and it was hell. I always wanted to skip, and sometimes I did, but that is bad. Don't do that, don't copy me. It will come back to bite you.

2. You won't make friends as quickly as you thought you would.

I've completed an entire semester and I only have about 7 friends that I would want to hang out with more than twice a week. Although, I highly encourage speaking up in your class and talking to those who sit beside or near you. These will become the GOATs of your semester. If you can't make it to class one day, maybe they'll sign you in or give you the notes. Seriously, do it.

3. Your relationship with Netflix (or Hulu, no hate) will reach an all-time peak.

I cannot tell you how many movies or tv shows I've started (and completed!) since at college. It's insane and the best thing I've ever done.

4. Your freshman year will fly by.

I'm not kidding. I feel like I've been here for three weeks tops and its already Christmas break. But... bless up that it's Christmas break.

5. Parties are not as glamorous as Hollywood makes them seem.

People aren't always happy when they're drunk. There are 3 people vomiting at all times. Someone will be passed out. It's hot and humid outside, never inside. The music sucks, but hey, at least you've got the alcohol to make it more bearable.

6. You will find your go-to T-shirts and wear them ALL THE TIME.

The struggle is real when it comes to dressing up for classes. The struggle is real when you haven't done laundry in three weeks.

7. Being college kid broke is so much worse than being regular broke.

You thought you were broke before... THINK AGAIN.

8. You aren't the smartest anymore.

Maybe you were valedictorian, maybe you were dead last in your class rank. Here it won't matter and you'll realize that you never understood why it did before.

9. Freshman 15 isn't real.

They tell you to watch what you eat and exercise regularly, but I have the same tactics I've always used and did and haven't noticed anything different. You keep doing you, boo.

10. Your roommates will have different lives than you and that's okay.

You don't have to be best friends with your roommate, but if you are that's great. If not, that's okay. Find where you want to be and who you want to spend your time with.

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