Ten Things That Will Happen When You Return Home For Break

You’ve turned in your last paper and it’s finally time to head home. Although college life is treating you well, you look forward to the change of scenery and the nostalgia that comes along with returning to your home town. Here are ten things you will experience this upcoming break:

1. You will be reunited with friends.

After spending several months apart from your hometown besties, the time has finally come to be reunited again. Your “Only three more months until I see you again” text messages become “I can’t wait to jump into your arms tomorrow!” When you see their faces, you can’t help but squeal in ways inhumanly possible because you are bursting at the seams with pure joy and excitement. Seeing them in the flesh as opposed to your usual FaceTime dates is bizarre in the best way possible. There is so much to catch up on you don’t know where to begin.

2. You will eat at all of your favorite food stops.

You and your friends have a well-thought out plan of all your favorite places to hit before you return to the cold, harsh reality of bland dining hall food. From bagels to ice cream to sushi, no one does it quite like your hometown.

3. You will journey to your favorite mall.

A trip home is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new pair of winter boots, replace those jeans that don’t seem to fit right anymore, or stock up on fresh pairs of leggings before heading back to school. What better place to do this than the mall by your house? Nothing is more nostalgic than setting foot in this special mall. The wafting aromas of Cinnabon and Hollister cologne bring you back to the middle school days of shopping and grabbing Starbucks with the friends you grew up with.

4. You will go to a high school party.

Compared to the parties you experience at college, you wonder why you used to find these so exciting. You're a good sport, so you grab a keystone light, play a round of pong, and bop along to the "party playlist" playing on a pair of crappy speakers. You might need to drink a little more than usual to be sociable, and you immediately regret having to make small chatter with people you never thought you'd see again. But you have to admit, seeing everyone after all this time is oddly entertaining.

5. You will snuggle in your own bed.

Although the twin XL bed has a special place in your heart, it does not come close to the comfort of your bed at home. You have almost forgotten the pure luxury of having ample space to sprawl out entirely. The pillows have never felt more cushiony, the sheets more satiny, or the blankets more velvety. You sleep peacefully tucked up in your blankets like a little burrito, with no clanging alarm clock or rowdy drunk people to wake you.

6. You will eat a home-cooked meal, and it will be epic.

Home-cooked food has never tasted better after being deprived of it for so long. Since your family is expecting a ravenous college student as a dinner guest, they are sure to make plentiful amounts of all of your favorite dishes. You can’t help but anticipate the excellent meal you are about to consume as the scent of your favorite foods fills the house. The mass produced dining food cannot compare to the comfort of a warm, home-cooked meal.

7. You will shower without flip flops and a caddy.

It is so liberating.

9. You will spend time with your dog.

There is nothing quite like bursting through the door to be greeted by your happy, furry friend. Between their tail-wagging, heavy panting, and eager jumping, you could swear they are grinning ear-to-ear to see you. You spend as much time with your little guy as possible; they are your Netflix companion and napping buddy, after all. Knowing that you won’t see them again for awhile but not being able to explain that to them breaks your heart, so you do everything you can to make your time together well-spent.

9. You will remember what it’s like to live with your family.

What at first is a friendly family reunion can take a turn for the worst after spending a few days cooped up together. The ultimate freedom that you experience in college has made you lose sight of what it is like to live under your parents’ roof, and it can be frustrating at times. You’re not used to having to answer to anyone, which can cause you to butt heads with your old folks a little more than usual.

10. You will remember that there’s actually nothing to do.

Being completely carefree and without responsibility is fun at first, but there comes a point when you’ve had enough. After multiple days of driving around aimlessly, getting food when you’re not even hungry, and bouncing between houses to chill in, you are once again reminded that suburban life is boring.

You look forward to returning to your college campus where you can once again experience nightlife and be constantly entertained by free activities.

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