10 Things That Turn My Frown Upside Down

We all have those moments when we long for something to make us happy. Something to wash away the sadness and replace it with a ball of sunshine. I have those moments at the most random of times, and I always try to find something that will soften the blow of my depression and anxiety. Some days are harder than others; some days I want to curl up in a ball and not open my eyes until the next day. And those days are when I try my hardest to make myself happier. Even though these ten things may not completely take away my horrible feelings, they make me being alive that much more comforting, and that's all I can really ask for.

Number 1. My Pets- I'm convinced that pets are angels that have come down to give us the unconditional love we long for. My dog can make me smile just by howling at me because he's excited I've woken up, or by curling up to me and falling asleep. My cat, even though he doesn't always like to be pet, will make me smile on days when he sits on my chest and purrs and slow blinks at me (slow blinking is a sign of affection for cats). And my fish gets excited when I get close to the tank. He will follow my finger and swim as fast as he can around the tank. (Though he is probably doing this just because he knows I'm going to feed him, it still makes me smile nonetheless).

Number 2. My girlfriend- I could go on and on about this girl. How kind she is, how cuddly she is, how she always knows how I'm feeling. She makes me smile just by being alive and breathing. I love her for that.

Number 3. Makeup (and makeup YouTube videos)- Makeup has always brought me joy. I love the artistic aspect of it. I love how it transforms. So on days when I am sad, I try out new makeup looks on myself, or watch makeup gurus glamorize themselves on YouTube. It makes me happy.

Number 4. New books- Opening up a new book and smelling the pages is one thing that makes me very happy. If I find myself having a very anxious day, I will take out one of my new books and read a few pages. I am instantly calmed.

Number 5. Flowers and Plants- It's no secret that I absolutely adore flowers and little succulents. I currently have lots of plants in my dorm room, so when I am feeling sad I will look at them and remind myself that they appreciate me. I am here to help their growth. I am here to appreciate their beauty. I automatically feel a little bit of weight off of my chest after that.

Number 6. The sunset- The sky is something that warrants a fuzzy feeling when staring at it. And a sunset is no exception. I love art, and when I look at a sunset I feel like I am staring at art. I examine the multiple colors, the ripples and burst of colors, and I take deep breaths. I will be okay.

Number 7. Taking pictures- I have always loved taking pictures, specifically of nature, and now that I have my own professional camera, I have an incredible outlet for some rewarding picture tanking. When I take pictures, I feel like I am doing something with purpose. Sometimes depression makes you feel like you are purposeless, and taking pictures changes that for me. That is why it makes me happier.

Number 8. Writing Poems- Poetry is such an outlet for me. If I am feeling sad, I may write a poem about it. It is such a cathartic experience that, when I am done, makes me feel lighter already. It takes the weight off of my chest.

Number 9. Tea- Tea is so warm and cozy, like a comforting bed. Although when I am depressed I spend too much time in bed, so tea is a good substitution for that. It makes me feel warm and cozy inside, which brings a smile to my face.

Number 10. My Future- Sometimes thinking about your future can make depression worse. After all, depression makes you feel worthless and like you will never be successful. But on some days I try to write down all the beautiful things that will come with my future--like getting engaged, getting married, children, vacations, etc. This helps me to feel less sad and makes me realize that this feeling is only temporary.

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