10 Things That Happen When It Snows In Rhode Island

We made it through our first snow storm of the winter season. Well done, Rhode Island! Whether you like it or not, there are probably many more to come. So, here is what happens when we get snow in Rhode Island.

1. The grocery store has insane lines because everyone needs to stock up on milk and bread.

2. Everyone suddenly forgets how to drive.

3. The only thing discussed on the news and radio is the expected amount of snow. Seriously, no other news is reported.

4. Your Facebook and Twitter feeds are flooded with snow emojis and people stating the obvious.

5. Your Instagram feed is only pictures of snow. That's it.

6. You or someone you know gets stuck in the snow while driving.

7. You're constantly trying to decide whether it's worth the risk to venture out of your house.

8. And if you haven't, you're definitely developing cabin fever.

9. This is probably the first exciting thing to happen in awhile, so everyone makes a huge deal about it.

10. You curse Rhode Island weather and swear that you're moving to Florida the first chance you get, but we all know you're not.

Hang in there, guys! Winter will be over before you know it and we can go back to bragging about having the best beaches in the country!

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